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Windows Error 118 Fix – How To Repair Error 118

Windows Error 118 is an indication of problems with values in the switch parameter of the Exchange Management Shell when setting a state for a command execution.  The switch parameter is needed to execute a command in a specific application and if the syntax is incorrect, the command will not run and the error message will appear on your screen.  You must resolve issues regarding the switch parameters so that your computer no longer has to deal with the frustrating error messages and be able to use the Exchange Management Shell without errors.  This tutorial will help you fix Windows error 118 easily.

What Causes Error 118?

The primary cause of the error with code 118 is incorrect switch parameter syntax.  It might be possible that the switch parameter is in the wrong caption because the command line is case-sensitive and will not accept improper syntax.  The error might also occur if your software is encountering problems, for instance you might be using an outdated Windows version or some settings in the registry.  You need to fix the error to stop the error from occurring – which can be accomplished with the steps enumerated as follows:

How To Fix Error 118

Step 1 – Re-Install The Program Causing The Error

The first task in resolving the error is re-installing programs that cause the error message to appear.  You need to remove these programs first before re-installing the programs again.  To remove programs, follow these steps:

Click Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features and wait for the list to be populated.

Find the program by scrolling through the list and select it, then click the “Remove” or “Uninstall” button.

You need to reboot your PC after removing the programs that cause the error message to appear, which will also remove the errors.

Once you are logged back into Windows, place the DVD/CD installer in your drive and run the installation command to begin the installation.

Step 2 – Correct The Syntax Of The Troublesome Program (if you’re a developer)

To resolve the problem, you can correct the syntax of the troublesome program, but it needs to be done correctly for it to work.  If you are a software developer, you can provide the proper syntax for the switch parameter.  You need to provide exact values for the different parameter values and it must also be in the right caption for the command line is case-sensitive.

Step 3 – Update Windows

The problem might be caused by an outdated Windows version.  From time to time, you need to obtain the latest fixes from the Microsoft website as there are always updates that are being released to resolve known Windows issues.  To update your Windows, click Start> All Programs> Windows Update and select the updates that you want to be included.  Restart your computer when prompted.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

The “registry” can be a big source of Windows 118 error and also cause other severe PC errors that keep on producing error messages and slow down your system tremendously.  The registry is a complicated large database where all settings and options for every file and program are stored.  Windows accesses the registry to be able to remember how to load or execute files and programs and, which is also the main cause of registry errors.  The registry keys become damaged or corrupted when Windows saves them in the wrong way as a result of accessing hundreds of registry keys at the same time.  You can clean out errors inside the registry by using a ‘registry cleaner’ that can automatically perform scanning and repairing tasks for you.

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