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Computer Will Not Connect To Wireless Network – How to Connect To The Internet Again With Wireless

Wireless Networking Card

Wireless network systems have become very convenient for hundreds of people. However, there are instances wherein users experience problems while connecting to such networks. In some cases, the system cannot correctly process the connection and it ends up giving limited or no connectivity at all.

There are many causes of the inability to connect to a wireless network. These reasons include: driver compatibility, low signal strength, access point location and system problems. Nonetheless, out of these, it’s the system problem which accounts for most connection problems. System problems usually occur because some of the necessary files have been corrupted or damaged. Often, this corruption is due to viruses and malware infections. When files and settings get damaged, they can no longer process the same applications or support connections to networks. Nonetheless, solving this problem is fairly easy.

How to Get The Wireless Network Connection Working Again

Step 1 – Make Sure the Wireless Card Is Connected & Functional

Wireless networks often use wireless cards to connect. When the system cannot establish a link between the computer and the wireless network then it would be wise to check whether the wireless card is connected and functional. To do so, go to Start and then select My Computer. From the list of choices select Properties to see the kinds of devices connected and used in the system. Check for the wireless card and see whether it’s functional or the computer is indicating any error in it. Usually there are troubleshooting instructions provided. It may also be good to check for the manufacturer’s or provider’s instructions on how to troubleshoot problems with your card. If all troubleshooting measures have been done and the system still cannot establish a decent connection then it’s best to try other measures. Solutions include updating drivers. For details, proceed to the next step.

Step 2 Update the Drivers for the Card

The drivers of the wireless card determine whether or not it can support the connection. Basically, the drivers are software that is used to process settings and support programs that are trying to establish your wireless connection. To make sure that these drivers are updated, follow these steps:

  • Download driver updates from the server
  • Open Device Manager
  • Click the driver and find the properties option
  • Select Update Driver and follow instructions as provided

Make sure to follow the steps carefully to avoid any problems.

Step 3 Temporarily Stop Any Firewall / Antivirus Application

Firewalls and other security applications can also hinder wireless connections. To prevent this from happening, find the antivirus application and then right click on it. Stop the program momentarily. Also, change the settings for the firewall the PC is using. The antivirus application and firewall settings may be restored once the connection has been established.

Step 4 Clean Out the Registry

Faulty components in the registry system can also cause problems for wireless connections. Thus, it’s necessary to clean this important database regularly to make sure that its components cannot create any connection problems. To do this, a registry cleaner application should be downloaded. In using a registry cleaner program, it’s important to make sure that it comes from a trusted source.

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