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How to Fix a Disappearing Mouse Pointer on Windows 10

Has your mouse pointer disappeared into thin air after you’ve downloaded the Windows 10 build 2004 update? This is an extremely annoying and pretty common issue that affected thousands of users worldwide. In this post, we’ll help you to fix it and get your cursor back. What’s Causing My Mouse...

printer not printing

How to Fix Printer Errors on Windows 10

We all expect printers to work flawlessly and do their job without any errors. But what if your printer isn’t working with your Windows 10 computer? Don’t worry, most likely you can fix the problem yourself – here are some tips that will help. Why Is My Printer Not Working?...

nvdisplay.container.exe high cpu

Fix nvdisplay.container.exe High CPU Load

Do you have Nvidia’s latest graphics driver, 430.39? The don’t be surprised if your computer starts freezing all of a sudden. Users have reported that the latest Nvidia driver often causes high CPU load, which makes your PC practically unusable. But don’t worry, it’s possible to fix nvdisplay.container.exe high CPU...

USB device not recognized

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error

Have you tried to connect a USB device to your Windows computer only to get the “USB Device Not Recognized” error? The annoying thing about this error is that it can happen to any of your devices: your mouse, keyboard, USB thumb drive, external hard drive, etc. Worse still, it...

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How to Fix Network Adapter Driver Code 10 Error

Driver errors have their own error codes, just like your Windows operating system. These error codes correspond with certain driver errors and are supposed to help you fix the problem. Driver error Code 10 usually appears when a device cannot start. This problem can happen to any device but it’s...

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How to Fix Snagit Crashes: 32-bit Driver Failure

Snagit is a very popular screen capture program that can do all sorts of things, from capturing a simple screenshot to recording screencasts. Unfortunately, Snagit is known to cause various errors from time to time. Recently a lot of users started complaining about Snagit crashes and an error saying that...

docusign print driver error

Error Initializing DocuSign Print Driver: A Working Fix

Driver errors can be really annoying, especially when a driver error is preventing you from printing out important documents. Error initializing DocuSign Print Driver is one of these nasty printer driver errors. In this article we’ll show you how you can fix it quickly and easily.