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Error Initializing DocuSign Print Driver: A Working Fix

error initializing docusign print driver

Driver errors can be really annoying, especially when a driver error is preventing you from printing out important documents. Error initializing DocuSign Print Driver is one of these nasty printer driver errors. In this article we’ll show you how you can fix it quickly and easily.

When Does the DocuSign Print Driver Error Occur?

Typically, this driver error occurs when you are trying to print using the DocuSign Print Driver. You launch the printing process only to get the following error message:

Error initializing DocuSign Print Driver. The application will exit. Details: RegisterClient failed, Net connection not online.

No matter how many times you try rebooting your computer and starting printing, this error won’t go away. Luckily, it’s quite easy to fix it.

How to Fix Error Initializing DocuSign Print Driver Problem

The first thing you should do when you start getting DocuSign print driver errors is update the driver to the latest version. You can find the latest version of the driver on DocuSign’s website. Simply click on the link, download the new version of the driver, and then follow the installer’s instructions. This new version of DocuSign print driver is different from all previous versions because it uses a new method to test Internet connection. That’s why the previous versions of the driver may display “Net connection not online” and “Error initializing DocuSign Print Driver” errors.

However, updating the driver won’t always get you rid of the “Error initializing DocuSign Print Driver” popup. If that’s the case with your computer, you should consider cleaning out the clutter from the Windows registry.

Clutter within the registry can create all sorts of errors, driver errors among them. If your registry has too many corrupted entries, even updating your DocuSign driver won’t help you get rid of the error message. That’s why we recommend running a registry cleanup scan right after you update your driver. This will help you fix the issue completely and will make your computer work better and faster.

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