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How to Repair Windows Script Host Error on Windows 10

Is your Windows 10 computer displaying a Windows Script Host error every few seconds? Don’t panic, most likely it’s not a malware infection (even though it looks like one because of its intrusive behavior). Luckily, the WSH error is quite easy to fix. Just follow the steps from this post....

Windows 10 slow

How to Fix Random Windows 10 Freezes

Have you noticed your computer freezing randomly after you’ve updated Windows 10? Random freeze-ups have been reported by a number of users who’ve installed the 1903 Windows 10 upgrade. In this post, we’ll help you to fix these annoying freeze-ups. Why Does Windows 10 Freeze After an Update? Most likely,...

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How to Automatically Back up Folders in Windows 10

Do you back up your files and folders regularly? If not, you should! Making regular backups lets you protect your important files and folders from accidental deletion when your PC crashes or you hit the Delete button by mistake. While the best way to back up files is to use...