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Delete Duplicate Files with Easy Duplicate Finder

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

Easy  Duplicate Finder

Everybody uses computers differently, but there are a lot of things that all computer users do. We create files, download songs and videos from the Internet, upload photos, send emails and so on. That’s why it’s not surprising that a lot of computer users get the “low disk space” error sooner or later. When this happens, the first thing you should do is delete duplicate files. And Easy Duplicate Finder is the program that will make it quick and simple.

Duplicate files accumulate over time. Sometimes you upload your photos twice, download duplicate copies of songs and videos, save multiple edit versions of a document, receive duplicate emails and so on. As a result you end up with hundreds of useless duplicates. To cut a long story short, you may have hundreds of duplicate files occupying gigabytes of disk space. (more…)

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Best Websites to Send Large Files

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Emailing large files can be a problem. If all you need to send is a bunch of photos, then you can create a .Zip or .Rar archive and email the files. But what if you need to send a video or high quality image files in RAW format? Then there is a problem because email servers won’t handle huge file attachments. So, here is a list of services that allow you to send large files for free.



DropSend is Web service that specializes in emailing large files. (more…)

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Driver Finder Review

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Driver Finder is a program that’s been designed by “Desk Tools Soft” – a US based company who have produced other notable software as “Secure Uninstaller”. This software is one of the most popular “driver update” tools that are available online, and is downloaded an estimated 20,000 times a day. Despite its popularity, and seemingly good feedback, it’s still important to make sure you are able to confirm this software’s ability to run smoothly. This review is going to examine whether Driver Finder works as advertised, and whether it’s able to fix the problems that your PC may have.


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