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Driver Finder Review

Driver Finder is a program that’s been designed by “Desk Tools Soft” – a US based company who have produced other notable software as “Secure Uninstaller”. This software is one of the most popular “driver update” tools that are available online, and is downloaded an estimated 20,000 times a day. Despite its popularity, and seemingly good feedback, it’s still important to make sure you are able to confirm this software’s ability to run smoothly. This review is going to examine whether Driver Finder works as advertised, and whether it’s able to fix the problems that your PC may have.

Driver Finder At A Glance

Driver Finder is one of the most popular driver repair tools online.

It’s beginner friendly, effective and able to get rid of the most problematic drivers that your computer may have. We rate this tool 10/10, and highly recommend it.

Our Ratings
Usability: 10/10
Up-To-Date: 10/10
Effectiveness: 10/10

Why Driver Finder?

Driver Finder is a tool that’s promoted widely on the Internet, mainly because it can help with a number of different problems. This tool should be able to repair the following issues inside Windows:

  • Helps fix “audio” / “sound” problems on your PC
  • Helps make games run smoother
  • Can improve Windows speed (only in certain circumstances)
  • Upgrades drivers in Windows upgrade
  • Will help programs to run properly again (especially games)

This tool will basically allow you to fix the various driver problems that Windows will have, allowing your system to run much smoother and a lot more reliably as a result. Here are the specific details of what you need to do to use it:

How To Use Driver Finder

Step 1 – Download The Software

You can go to the Driver Finder website ( and then click “Download Now” to download the software to your PC.

Step 2 – Install The Software

After downloading the program, install it using the installer like displayed above. This will allow you to place the program into a folder on your system.

Step 3 – Let It Scan

Once the installation has completed, the Driver Finder application should load up. When it does, it will launch into this initial scan, which will look through all the hardware on your computer and then identify any of the drivers that may be causing a problem. This should ensure the continued smooth operation of your system.

Step 4 – Fix Problematic Drivers

Upon completion of the scan, your PC will then show you the number of driver errors which it has found. These errors will be out of date drivers, to which you will be able to download upgraded drivers. This will ensure your computer is able to process the various important settings that it requires from the drivers.

Step 5 – Register (If You Want To)

After the scan has completed, you will then be asked to register the software. This carries a charge for $29.99. If you don’t want to pay for the software, the alternative is to either take the program to the PC repair store (which may charge more), or to manually download the best driver for your system yourself. This will get rid of the potential issues that your computer may have with its drivers, boosting performance and reliability. Although I don’t pressure anyone into buying particular products, I would say that Driver Finder is the most effective tool we’ve used to help fix the problems that Windows drivers may have.

What Driver Finder Is Meant To Do

Driver Finder claims to be able to scan through your computer, identify a series of hardware that you have installed, and will then try and identify the most up to date drivers for that hardware. If any of the drivers on your PC are out of date, the program will recommend updating them by downloading from the manufacturer’s website.

Although many of these “driver update” programs have been created to help you update all the drivers for your PC, it’s often the case that the tools are either created by amateur developers, or “one man bands”, who don’t really understand the way in which this software is meant to work. The program, fortunately, has been developed by an established & professional company – who is able to fix the various problems that you may have with the drivers on your system.

The big claim that Driver Finder needs to live up to is the way in which it’s meant to be one of the most up to date applications for driver updates. The program has been created by a large team of developers, and is therefore continually being updated to help keep the drivers on your PC as reliable as possible.

What Driver Finder Review Actually Does

We’ve found that Driver Finder is a very reliable driver update tool, which thankfully lives up to its major claim that it’s one of the most up to date programs available. When you install the program, it will actually download all the latest updates that it requires to run, which is something that a lot of the driver programs out there do not do.

The user interface of this application (as displayed above), although simple by industry standards, is very friendly; and therefore able to get your computer working as smoothly & effectively as possible again. With a simple alert system on the homepage, and a number of important settings that are in easy each of the user, it’s definitely been designed with the eye on the user of the program, which is great.

The bottom line about this tool is how well it performs on a scan. We’ve found that although many of the driver programs out there claim to be able to fix various problems that your PC may have, most of them will be outdated – leading many mistakes and incorrect drivers to be installed. Driver Finder, thanks to its rigorous updates policy, appears to be able to fix the most drivers on your system, allowing your PC to run much smoother & effectively as a result.

Driver Finder Review Conclusion

We recommend Driver Finder as the best Driver Update tool

The bottom line is that Driver Finder is the “best” of the driver update programs out there – it’s updated the most and is best able to fix the problems on your PC. The price of the software is $29.99, but if you’re not interested in paying for the program, there are alternatives, which include taking your PC to a PC repair store, or manually upgrading the drivers.

A driver update program needs to have 3 important features: it needs to be updated, needs to be able to scan & fix the affected hardware, and needs to be easy to use. Driver Finder is able to do all of that with its robust, simple and effective design. Not only is this tool able to update the most drivers on your system, but it’s also got a lot of other useful features which will allow it to run perfectly on a wide variety of computers, including the likes of Windows XP, Vista & 7.

We Recommend Driver Finder as The Best Driver Update Software

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