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How To Fix Dimsntfy.dll Errors On Windows PCs

Dimsntfy.dll is a file used by Windows to handle the logging-on and logging-off procedure operated by Windows. Basically, your computer needs it every time you log in and log out of your account. It is associated with Microsoft’s “credential roaming module”. This part of the system handles encrypted data, such...

How To Stop Fear 3 Freezing

Fear 3 might be one of the most advanced games released to date, but is continually causing a huge number of problems for millions of computer users around the World through the software freezing. A program which “freezes” basically stops working, and generally makes your system unresponsive as well. To...

Windows Movie Maker 800488FA Error

The 800488FA error is caused by the way in which Windows Movie Maker cannot connect to your Windows Live account – making it impossible for the application to upload the videos you require. The error you’ll find will typically show in this format: “Error 800488FA: Windows Movie Maker cannot save movie”

Windows Error 1326 Fix

Windows Error 1326 is an error that occurs when trying to download the SR-1 update package for Microsoft Office onto your system for necessary updates. It is important to keep your system updated with the latest upgrades and patches and although people have tried, they have been confronted with errors...

How To Fix The Vcomp.dll Errors

The Vcomp.dll is a file which is related to the Microsoft Visual Studio which is an integrated development environment from Microsoft. Microsoft Visual Studio can be used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows forms applications, web sites, web applications and web services.