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recover deleted files

How to Restore Deleted Files the Easy Way

Oh no! You’ve just deleted a file you really need! What to do? First of all, take a deep breath and don’t panic. Undeleting your file is easier than you think – just follow these simple steps. Is it Easy to Recover My Files? Most of the time it is...

Windows 8 boot options

How To Fix The Windows 1408 Error

The 1408 error is a problem caused by Windows being unable to operate your software correctly. The problem is basically going to be caused by a number of potential issues with the files and settings that the software, or Windows, will be using. The good news is that if you...

update error 0x80070652

How to fix Windows 10 update error 0x80070652

Have you noticed the error 0x80070652 on your Windows 10 computer? You will see this error code with the message ERROR_INSTALL_ALREADY_RUNNING. This error usually takes place when a previous installation of Windows 10 has not been completed successfully. During the Windows 10 installation process, it could get stuck. In such...