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Spyware Removal

How To Remove Defense Center From Your PC

Defense Center is a rogue antivirus program that is installing itself on many people’s computers and is consequently causing a large number of errors and problems for your PC. This infection is normally contracted from the Internet and comes from a website that has a fake image of the Windows...

remove audio to audio toolbar

How to Uninstall Audio To Audio Toolbar

So you’ve installed a freeware program only to find that now your browser has a new toolbar called Audio To Audio and your homepage gets redirected to Worse still, the toolbar appears in every single one of your browsers. Congratulations! You’ve just been infected with Audio To Audio browser highjacker, which...


How to Delete the Svchost.exe DOS/Alureon.ab Trojan

So you got infected with the svchost.exe DOS/Alureon.ab trojan and can’t get rid of it. This trojan is a really nasty one that often requires personalized help. However, quite often it’s possible to find and delete this svchost.exe virus by following several simple steps. In this article we are going to...