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How to Uninstall Audio To Audio Toolbar

remove audio to audio toolbar

So you’ve installed a freeware program only to find that now your browser has a new toolbar called Audio To Audio and your homepage gets redirected to Worse still, the toolbar appears in every single one of your browsers. Congratulations! You’ve just been infected with Audio To Audio browser highjacker, which is an annoying piece of malware. Luckily, it’s possible to uninstall Audio To Audio Toolbar without you having to do anything drastic, like reinstalling Windows.

Why You Should Uninstall Audio To Audio Toolbar

For some users having their search and homepage redirected is not such a big deal. And tolerating a toolbar doesn’t seem to bad either. But, if you value your privacy, you should uninstall Audio To Audio Toolbar the moment you see it appear. Here is why.

Audio To Audio Toolbar (and other toolbars that install themselves without your knowledge) are not as harmless as they seem. First of all, it will display ads and sponsored search results to make you click the links it wants. Worse still, it will collect search terms from your queries and pass that information to its owner. Add to that the fact that you can’t be sure if your passwords and logins are not collected as well, and you’ll see why you should remove Audio To Audio Toolbar immediately.

How to Uninstall Audio To Audio Toolbar

There are several things you can try to uninstall Audio To Audio. But first of all you need to remember that even if you panic and uninstall the program that put Audio To Audio Toolbar onto your computer (most likely a video converter or some sort of streaming software), the browser highjacker won’t go away. You have to uninstall it separately.

Method 1: Remove Audio To Audio Toolbar via Control Panel

You can try uninstalling Audio To Audio via the Control Panel. Here is how:

  1. Click on Start and go to the Control Panel
  2. Find the Uninstall a Program link and click on it
  3. Wait for your computer to display a list of all your programs
  4. Find everything referring to Audio To Audio and uninstall these programs one by one
  5. When done, reboot your computer

It’s very important that all your browsers are closed during the uninstall process – otherwise Audio To Audio will not be removed completely.

Method 2: Using FileCleaner Toolbar Removal Tool

While uninstalling Audio To Audio Toolbar via the Control Panel can be successful, it’s a lot quicker, easier, and more reliable to uninstall Audio To Audio Toolbar using a program called FileCleaner. This program can be downloaded for free and it has a special tool that removes browser toolbars in one click.

  1. Download and install FileCleaner
  2. Close all other running programs
  3. Open FileCleaner and click on Toolbars in the menu on the left
  4. Select all Audio To Audio entries and click on the Remove button
  5. Wait for FileCleaner to do the rest

It’s also a good idea to use the program’s registry cleaner when uninstallation is complete, so that every single Audio To Audio entry gets removed from your  system.

As you can see, Audio To Audio Toolbar is quite easy to remove, especially if you are using FileCleaner.

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