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How To Fix World Of Warcraft Error 203 – Account Creation Error

World Of Warcraft 203 Error has been caused by a problem with your PC & the World Of Warcraft account server. The bottom-line problem is that you cannot create or upgrade your WOW account because there is some sort of issue preventing the process from occurring – leading all sorts of issues to occur. This tutorial should help you resolve the problem.

What Is The 203 World Of Warcraft Error?

This error is a problem with “Account Creation” for your game, and basically means that WOW is unable to process your details / settings – thus preventing you from being able to successfully create an account. In order to resolve this issue, it’s recommended that you first ensure that your installation of WOW is okay, then that your version of Windows is working correctly; and finally that your computer has all the correct settings & information required to run the game properly.

How To Fix The World Of Warcraft 203 Error

Step 1 – Re-Install World Of Warcraft

The way to resolve World Of Warcraft problems on your computer is to initially re-install the game. This will not only ensure that all the game’s files are working properly, but will also give your PC the opportunity to correctly process the settings required to create your account. To reinstall the game, you can use the steps here:

  • Click “Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs
  • Click onto World Of Warcraft, and then “Remove
  • Follow the uninstall process
  • When uninstallation is complete, restart your PC
  • Re-Install the game from the CD & try to create your account again

Step 2 – Clean Out The “Registry” Of Your PC

The “registry” of your PC is the central database which all computers use to store important information & settings that your computer will use to run. Although this database is highly important, it’s continually causing a large number of problems for many different Windows computers around the World. The WOW 203 error has been known to be caused by registry problems, which is why it’s highly recommended you fix any registry errors that your system may have inside by downloading, installing and running a registry cleaner application.

Step 3 – Contact Blizzard

It’s finally recommended that you contact Blizzard Entertainment (the makers of WOW) to ensure that you don’t have any problems with your account. You can contact Blizzard through their support website here. You should select “World Of Warcraft”, “Account Creation” and “Account Creation / Upgrade” as the problems, which you can see here:

Contact Page For Blizzard

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