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How To Resolve Dell Error Code 0141

The Dell error code 0141 is a hardware related error which appears when you first load your Dell computer. The error that normally appears will have the error code “2000-0141” and will relate to the hard drive components of your computer. This error generally shows even though there might not be anything wrong with your PC. Here’s what you need to do to fix this problem:

What Is The 0141 Error?

The 0141 error is a problem caused by an issue / mismatch between the hard drive and your operating system of your PC. The error is typically shown to warn you about the lack of an Internal hard drive, but if there’s one in your system it suggests that this problem is caused by a mismatch inside the Windows system. The typical causes of this error are as follows:

  • Corrupt or damaged Windows processes
  • Damaged registry settings on your system
  • A computer infected with viruses or malware

How To Fix The Dell Error Code 0141 Error

Step 1 – Use The “Dell Hard Drive Self-Test” Facility

The “Self Hard Drive Test” is a feature of Dell computers which allows you to test the integrity and reliability of your hard drive(s) on your system. This tool is used to help you gauge how well your hard drive is running and will allow you to pinpoint the exact cause of the 0141 error on your Dell PC.

Using The Self-Test Utility From The Dell Resource CD

Note: If you do not have the Dell resource CD installed on your PC, please use the steps below this method to install it.

To run the DST Hard Drive Diagnostics test, please follow these steps:

  1. Restart your PC and after Windows has restarted, reinsert the ResourceCD into the CD or DVD drive.After the original install, the ResourceCD auto-runs when inserted.
  2. In the Welcome Dell System Owner window, click Next to display the Criteria page.
  3. Under the System Criteria column, choose ALL for the system model, ALL for the operating system, ALL for the device type, and DIAGNOSTICS under Topics.
  4. Under System, click Dell DST Diagnostic Utility.
  5. Run the DST diagnostics utility.
  6. If the diagnostic test reports an error, refer to Dell Troubleshooting Wizard

How To Install The Dell Resource CD

  1. Insert the CD into the CD or DVD drive to display the CD auto-runs and the installation screen.
  2. Click OK to start the installation and display the InstallShield window.
  3. Click Next to continue and allow the files to copy to the hard drive.
  4. When the InstallShield Complete Screen window appears, click Yes, I want to restart my computer now.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. Eject the ResourceCD from the CD or DVD drive.

Performing this self-test will show you what is happening on your computer, and will allow you to see whether your hard drive has any sort of intermittent problem or has any damaged parts to it. This will give you a much better understanding of the problem, and should help you if you want to contact Dell Support about the issue.

Step 2 – Scan For Viruses

Viruses are also a major reason why the Dell 0141 error will show. Viruses are basically small software programs which latch onto your PC and corrupt many of the programs and files that Windows needs to run. In order to ensure your system is able to run as smoothly and effectively as possible (without the 0141 error), you should use an antivirus program to remove any of the possible infections inside your PC.

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry

The registry is also a big cause of problems on many Dell systems, and is one of the big causes of the 0141 error. This is a part of your computer which stores settings and information, allowing your PC to “remember” many different files and settings for your system. Unfortunately, the registry is constantly causing problems on your PC as it makes Windows unable to read the files and settings it needs to run, as it’s forever being corrupted and damaged. It’s often the case that this database will store a setting or file that Windows will be unable to read, causing Windows to think it’s not present on your system, which will cause the 0141 error. It’s highly recommended that you use a “registry cleaner” to fix this problem. You can download our recommended registry cleaner below:

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