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How To Fix adobe_air.dll Errors

Adobde_air.dll is a dynamic link library file which is directly linked with Adobe Air, and because its a dynamic link library file this means it has a specific function. This file allows many different components in the Adobe package to work together, this is especially important because if one component...

Runtime Error 183 Fix Tutorial

Runtime Error 183 is a specific error which is linked to Adobe Acrobat, when you open this program. The error which you may receive when you open Adobe Acrobat is going to be something like this: “Runtime Error 183: Unable to create the temporary folder“

1321 Error Fix – Complete Tutorial

1321 Error occurs when you are using either one of the CS4 or CS5 products from Adobe on the trial period. The error occurs when the installer has insufficient privileges. This means that it can only gain access to so many files before it’s access is denied because of its...