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Tai2.dll Was Not Found Error – Repair It Yourself

The Tai2.dll error is caused by the AOL Topspeed Application from the AOL Corporation. This error is typically shown when you try to open an application, with the resulting message reading: ‘The application failed to start because tai2.dll was not found’. To fix this error, you need to be able to repair the damaged parts of your system which causes it.

What Causes the Tai2.dll Error?

The Tai2.dll error is most commonly caused by uninstalling the ‘Topspeed’ component of AOL software. An incomplete uninstallation may leave behind traces of the application that can lead to the continuous occurrence of the error. There are also other reasons why you may receive the error, such as if you choose not to install AOL Search, AOL AIM (AOL’s instant messaging service), AOL Desktop, or choose AOL Search as your default search engine, then you may also have the Tai2.dll error. To fix this error, you should reinstall the TopSpeed application, and then

How to fix the Tai2.dll Error

Step One – Reinstall the Topspeed package for AOL (If you have AOL)

The first thing you should do is reinstall the Topspeed package. This will clear out the tai2.dll file from your system which was causing the error. This will work to fix the tai2.dll error in most cases, and can be done below:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs
  2. Locate “AOL Topspeed” from the list
  3. Click the “Remove” button
  4. Restart your PC

This should fix the error, but if it does not ,you may wish to proceed to the next steps:

Step Two – Clean Out The Registry

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One of the biggest causes of the tai2.dll errors is the registry database of Windows. The “registry” is a central database which stores all the settings, information and options for your computer, and is where Windows keeps many vital settings that it requires to run. It’s often the case that a lot of registry settings become damaged and corrupted, leading your PC to take longer to run, making it run slower and with a lot of errors. To fix this problem, you should use a ‘registry cleaner’ to scan through your PC and fix any of the damaged or corrupt settings that are inside it. You can see our recommended registry cleaner below:

Step Three – Check Your Firewall Settings

Another big cause of the tai2.dll error is because your firewall blocked the connection to it. To make sure this is not a problem, you should open your Firewall and then make sure that it is not blocking AOL or the TopSpeed program. A good way to test if this is the problem is to temporarily disable the firewall on your system, and then try doing what you want to. If the tai2.dll error does not show, then the chances are that it’s being blocked by your firewall. Because there are so many firewalls available, it will be unpractical to list exactly how to create “exceptions” with your application, but it should be easy to discover how from the Manufacturer’s website.

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