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Slow Games? Steps To Stop Game Running Slow, Lagging & Poor FPS

Playing games on your computer is a great way to pass the time and have fun… but it can be extremely annoying if your games are unable to run very smoothly. In fact, game lag is actually one of the biggest reasons why people upgrade their computers; when in fact there are some very easy steps you can take to solve the issue for good. Here’s how…

Why Games Run Slow & Lag

Games run slow for a number of different reason, ranging from your computer not having sufficient hardware specifications to it not having the right graphics driver. In order to fix your games and make them run as quickly as possible, you need to be able to fix the problems that cause your PC to run slower with them.

Game “lag” is basically where your computer cannot process the files and settings that your game needs quick enough. It’s like when your car stalls – your computer is forever lagging behind you because it cannot process the inputs or requirements that the game has quick enough. In order to fix this problem, you need to be able to cure the reasons why your computer cannot process what it needs to.

How To Make Your Games Run Smoothly

Step 1 – Check Your Hardware Specifications

The main reason why games run slowly is because your computer does not have the right hardware to keep up with the game. As games progress, the hardware support needed by your PC is growing with them… which means that you need to be able to have at least the minimal level of hardware to play the game. This is crucial as games need your computer to process 1,000’s of calculations a second, and if your computer does not have the required power to do that, then it will struggle. Think of it as having a really small car trying to pull a huge trailer. If the car is too small, it will struggle immensely to pull the trailer – and it’s the same with your PC.

There’s a very good website which you can test your PC hardware to see if it will be able to run certain games. You should try to see if your computer is powerful enough to actually run your game with that site. If it isn’t, then you’ll have to upgrade your system.

Step 2 – Close Down ALL Other Programs When Playing

If your computer’s hardware is good enough to play the game, then you should make sure that you do not have any other programs open when you’re trying to play. This will cut the effectiveness of your system and will make it unable to deal with the processes it needs to in order to make your game run properly. You should press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to bring up the task manager, select the “Processes” tab and then click on any program which is running under your username and press “End Process”. This should help your computer focus entirely on your game and not on any other progrms that might be running in the background.

Step 3 – Update Your Graphics Drivers

Graphics is a big part of any game, and you need to be sure that you have the right graphics drivers in order to play the game smoothly. Depending on what operating system and graphics card you have, you should look at the various manufacturers to see if they released any updated versions. The two main manufacturers for graphics cards are ATI and Nvidia . These continually update their drivers, and will likely give you a boost to your graphics card if it appears to be processing the graphics slowly.

Step 4 – Clean Out Viruses

Another big reason why games run slow is that viruses are actually at work in the background of your system and you have no idea about it. This is a major issue which even the most advanced of computers can only avoid with an antivirus program. You should download this tool and then let it scan for any viruses on your system. If it finds many really bad ones, you should remove them all.

Step 5 – Clean Out The Registry

The registry is also a big reason why games run slow. The registry is basically a database which stores information and settings for your computer, allowing it to ‘recall’ many different options for your computer and software. However, the registry is also the biggest reason why games run slow. That’s because whenever you play a game, it needs 100’s of settings just to load up, and if any of those settings are damaged in any way, then it’s going to make your computer unable to load up the game very quickly. This is a very common problem and you can fix it by using a ‘registry cleaner’ to scan through your PC and remove any of the damaged registry settings from inside it, which could speed up your game dramatically.

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