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CL.exe Error Fix – How to Repair CL.exe Errors On Your PC

The cl.exe file is an important file for Microsoft because it is used in its C/C++ Compiler driver. Further, the file is also used to collect programs that were created with the C++ language. While the file may be extremely important for Microsoft and other programs that use the specified language, it does often become problematic for the operating system. If the computer comes across such problems, the following messages are displayed:

(compiler file ‘msc1.cpp’, line 1786)

BSCMAKE: error BK1506 : cannot open file ‘.\Debug\VCString.sbr’: No such
file or directory
Help menu, or open the Technical Support help file for more information

Error executing cl.exe.

Please choose the Technical Support command on the Visual C++
Creating browse info file…
Error executing bscmake.exe.”

What Causes CL.exe Errors?

There are several reasons why CL.exe errors occur. The more common reasons include a Visual Studio Service Pack that is out of date; a corrupted or damaged Visual C++ installation and a malware infection usually resulting from suspicious downloads. Problems with the computer registry can also trigger CL.exe error problems. There are several ways to fix these issues, outlined in the steps provided next.

How to Fix CL.exe Errors on Your PC

Step 1 – Download & Install the Latest Visual Studio Service Pack

Since an outdated service pack can affect operations and cause problems, it’s very important to use the latest version of it. These days, systems that run applications which use the C++ language function much better with an updated Visual Studio Service Pack. Search for the right service pack for your application and then download the latest version. Instructions are provided on how to download from the site you obtain it from. If this solution doesn’t work, then you can try the next step below. You can download the service pack from here.

Step 2 – Uninstall Visual Studio C++ from Your PC

If the previous step did not work then it would be best to reinstall the Visual Studio C++ program or the entire Visual Studio Package again. Usually, reinstalling helps overwrite faulty components and will provide the computer with better files and settings to access. To do so, go to Start and then choose Control Panel. Select Add/Remove Programs and then find the Visual C++ or Visual Studio Package application. Select and then choose remove or uninstall. Restart the computer and install the necessary programs once more.

Step 3 – Clean Out Any Viruses You Have On Your System

Since viruses and other malicious applications can also affect the system, it’s best to do a thorough scan of the computer system. Viruses and similar threats can mess up the computer’s registry so it’s necessary to get rid of them. Use a reliable antivirus program will remove or repair any determined threats and issues. An anti-malware tool may also be used to remove malware programs in the system. Programs like this also have the ability to restore infected files.

Step 4 Clean Out the Registry

CL.exe errors are also caused by registry errors on your PC. The registry is basically a central database which keeps all the important settings & options for your system, making it essential that this part of Windows is kept working as smoothly as possible in the most effective way. Cleaning the computer’s registry will ensure that no corrupted component will remain in the system. The registry contains all components used in the system so cleaning it means getting rid of problematic components. To do so, a registry cleaner program should be used. This is readily available in the internet and only needs to be downloaded.

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