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How to Fix Error Emsmdb32.dll

The Emsmdb32.dll file is associated with Microsoft Outlook mail client. Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office family of products and is the mainstray of many computers, both on a personal level and a business level. The file has been present in Microsoft Office products since 1997. For this reason, the Emsmdb32.dll error can be found on almost every version of Outlook. The file is part of the Messaging Application Programming Interface which allows mail clients, of which Outlook is one, to communicate with Microsoft Exchange.

What Causes The Error?

The error arises when the IMAPI process does not operate correctly and so the file associated with the protocol returns an error. This shows up in Outlook as the Emsmdb32.dll error. What is causing this error is likely to be:

  • A corrupt MPAI service
  • Outdated Microsoft Exchange
  • Outdated version of Outlook
  • Broken/Corrupt Registry

To fix these errors, please read on

How To Fix Emsmdb32.dll Error

Step 1 – A Simple Work Around

If you need to check your email urgently and cannot afford to spend time attempting the other steps, follow this step for a quick work a round which disables the MPAI service.

  • Hold down the CTRL key when clicking on the Outlook shortcut (This opens it up in safe mode)

This method circumvents the MPAI service, this making Emsmdb32.dll redundent for that session of Outlook. For a more permaenent fix, read on.

Step 2 – Update Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft have identified the part of the Microsoft Exchange service that is casuing the Emsmdb32.dll error to arise and have released updates that should help alievate the problem. The hotfix is available from Microsoft in either a single file or as part of an update for Windows. Check the Microsoft website for more details

Step 3 – Update Microsoft Outlook

Whilst this error can theoretically appear in any version of Outlook due to the file being present in all versions, it tended to occur more often in older versions of Outlook. This makes it wise to update to the latest version of Outlook as they do have greater reliability on older problems, such as the Emsmdb32.dll issue. The latest version of Office is 2010 and can be bought at all good retailers.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry

Download this registry cleaner

The registry is one of the most important parts of the Windows system, as it stores all the settings that your PC needs to run. Unfortunately, the registry is also one of the biggest causes of problems for your system, and is often what causes the emsmdb32.dll error. The problem is that many registry settings become corrupt & damaged over time, leading your PC to become unable to read the files it requires when it’s running. This is a huge problem which makes your system run extremely slowly and unreliably. To fix it, you should use a registry cleaner, of which our recommended tool can be downloaded below:

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