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How To Fix The Flash.ocx Error – Uninstall Flash Player

Adobe Flash is one of the most popular web technologies in the World, with many developers using it to create animated and interactive sites. However, there is a problem that is quite common – the Flash.ocx error. This is a big issue which can affect any Flash-enabled PC at any time… and fortunately, it’s something which you can fix very easily:

What Is the Flash.ocx Error?

Flash.ocx error is a problem that is caused by the “Flash Player” component of your PC. Flash player is a software technology developed by Adobe (formerly Macromedia) and is responsible for helping your computer run all the interactive and animated web designs that you can get.

OCX files are “components” that Windows uses to create different things for your PC. Since Flash is graphics & animation intensive, it uses many OCX files to help it run. And Flash.ocx is one of the most important components of Flash and is constantly being used. However, it’s often used so much that it gets corrupted & hard to read, causing annoying errors!

How To Fix The Flash.OCX Error

Uninstalling Flash Player is the easiest way to fix this problem. It’s basically where you remove all the files that this tool needs and then replaces them with fresh new ones. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download this Automated Flash Player Removal tool
  2. Let it remove the flash player off your PC
  3. Restart your PC
  4. Clean the registry

This will remove all the components that have been causing errors, stopping them from appearing. This is essential because it will also remove any other Flash components that could be casuing a problem. However, your job is not complete yet.

The Important Next Step – Clean The Registry

In order to fully remove the Flash OCX error, you need to clean out the registry. This is a big database that stores the settings and options for your computer, and is where Flash keeps a lot of files and folders. In order to get rid of the Flash OCX error completely, you need to download this registry cleaner and let it scan your system. It will remove any of the erroneous settings that Flash had in the registry, giving you a perfectly operational PC.

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