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How to Make Your Computer Use Less Power

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Is your PC a power hog that increases your monthly electricity bill? It doesn’t have to be, but high powered gaming desktops often consume more power than they really should. Here’s what you can do to make your PC use less power.

Disable your screensaver

Screensavers used to protect computer monitors, but modern LED screens don’t need such protection anymore. If you use a screensaver, then basically you just have your monitor on for longer than you need to. This results in your PC consuming extra energy. If you want to cut down power consumption, disable the screensaver and then go to power options and configure your PC to switch the monitor off after a few minutes of inactivity.

Take advantage of Sleep and Hibernate

The Sleep and Hibernate modes are the for a reason. Not using them and leaving your computer on all the time increases your PC’s power consumption. You can tell your computer to automatically go to Sleep mode after a certain time of inactivity, and you should make a habit of using Hibernate whenever you’re not planning to use your PC for a while. That way you will be able to get everything back a lot faster than if you shut down.

Get an SSD

Your hard driver ads to your electricity bill. That’s because it has mechanical parts (and that’s why it’s slow too). Upgrading to a modern SSD driver will not only help you reduce your electricity bill, but will also help you speed up your computer.

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