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Removal Method For Windows Activity Inspector

Windows Activity Inspector is malicious software that has been created by computer hackers that usually reside in Eastern Europe, Asia or the Middle East. The main aim of this fake anti-virus is to get you to hand over your hard earned cash for something that you don’t even need, without you even realising that you’ve been conned. They do this by secretly installing files onto your computer, which will then begin to disable your computer so you are limited to the amount of things that you can do. You will then see the Windows Activity Inspector virus load and start scanning your computer, and you will see that computer apparently has viruses, trojans and adware on your system, so you are then confronted with a window that says that you can remove these infections buy purchasing the upgraded version, and this is how many people are conned.

How Do You Catch Windows Activity Inspector

Many people have caught this particular virus by opening spam or suspicious emails, however a lot of people have claimed that they have caught the virus from Google images. The hackers would attach the virus to Google images and when you view the image the infection would then initiate the downloading process and begin to install itself.

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