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Runtime Error 1012 Fix Tutorial

Runtime Error 1012 is a Windows problem that mainly involves problems with the registry when you try to run Microsoft Visual Basic – and is famed for leading Windows unable to read the settings it needs to run Visual Basic properly.  This error basically means that Windows cannot read a particular file or settings and will cause the program to close.  You need to resolve the issues surrounding a particular program, specifically Microsoft Visual Basic, to be able to fix the error.  This tutorial will enable you to repair runtime error 1012.

What Causes This Error?

The error is mainly caused by the way in which Windows is not able to properly process the various required settings needed by a program to run.  The problem can also be caused by faulty programs, virus infection, and problems with the registry.  You need to do a series of steps to be able to identify and fix the problem – which can be accomplished using the steps below:

How To Fix Runtime Error 1012

Step 1 – Re-Install Any Software Causing Problems

The first step to resolve the runtime error 1012 is to provide fresh copies of program files to any program causing the problem by re-installing it.  You need to remove the program from your system and then run the installation command.  To remove software, do the following:

  • Click Start
  • Select Run
  • Type “appwiz.cpl” and then click OK.
  • When the program list is populated, scroll through the list and select the application.
  • Click the “Remove” button and wait for the uninstall wizard to finish.
  • Restart your PC.

When you remove problematic programs, you also remove the error messages that come with it.  To re-install the software, insert the CD installer into the CD drive, or locate the file installer in your hard drive and run the installation command.  Follow the installation wizard to complete the installation.

Step 2 – Clean Out Viruses From Your PC

The problem can easily be caused by a virus infection.  Some viruses are hard to detect and even adapt a similar name with an important Windows component.  It is essential that you are able to remove all viruses from your PC.  You need to use legitimate “anti-malware” software such as ‘XoftSpy’ to disable viruses from running in your system and then prevent it from coming back.  If the problem persists, proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

The “registry” can be a potential source of critical errors in your computer including the runtime error 1012.  It serves as a central database where all options and settings for all files and programs are kept.  Windows constantly accesses the registry when loading or reading files and programs.  Despite its importance in your system, it keeps on accumulating errors as you keep on using your computer.  The errors inside the registry are produced by the way in which Windows loads and save multiple registry keys at the same time causing them to become damaged or corrupted.  To fix the runtime error 1012 as well as a host of other errors in your PC, you need to clean out the registry of Windows using a registry cleaner to keep your registry free from broken registry keys.  We highly recommend that you use this tool to scan your system and fix 99% of PC errors allowing you to quickly restore your computer’s condition.

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