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How To Resolve MozMapi32.dll Errors On Your PC

If you have Mozilla Firefox or Thunderbird, or Netscape installed on your computer, you may have experienced the MozMapi32.dll error. The MozMapi32.dll file is created by Mozilla applications and is an important feature of Mozilla Thunderbird. However this file can conflict with other software and devices. This causes errors in...

How To Fix Connapi.dll Errors

Connapi.dll is an API component of the “Nokia PC Suite Software”, that’s used primarily to help connect your phone to your PC. This file is prone to causing errors when you first boot up your PC and in order to fix it, there are several steps you can follow.

How To Unregister DLLs

DLL files are known as ‘Dynamic Link Libraries’ and are types of information that Windows can call on at any time. They are basically where programs store functions, which are then accessed by various pieces of software. There are a lot of DLL files, but you may want to unregister...