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Wscntfy.exe Errors Fix – How To Repair Common Wscntfy.exe Errors On Windows


Wscntfy.exe is a very important file, being a vital component of the Windows Security Center Notify Application.  This Program will shield your PC from being infected by many viruses.  It also makes sure that the firewall, virus protection features, and auto updates are constantly enabled for your protection.  The Wscntfy.exe file checks the present security status of your computer and is essential for overall security and stability of your PC.

What Causes Wscntfy.exe Errors?

The wscntfy.exe file is normally safe, and does a very important job in your computer, but it is also extremely vulnerable to being ‘hijacked’ by malicious objects. Literally, what happens is that an infected version of this file may be picked up and installed on your computer by a malware infection within your system. Some common examples of the malware that may infect your computer and pose as a wscntfy.exe file are these:





If one of these infected versions of the wscntfy.exe file manages to get on your computer, it will cause massive problems for your PC security, as the Windows Security Center Notify Application simply won’t work anymore. This is a critical issue, and will usually become visible when you see this message:

“Wscntfy.exe tried to access port 3752.”

It might also be the case that you stumble upon other, similarly named files in your computer that closely resemble the wscntfy.exe file. These are also infected files and will cause the same kinds of problems, and so they must be removed. To fix all of the errors concerning the wscntfy exe. File, follow the instructions below.

How To Fix Wscntfy.exe Errors

Step 1 – Clean Out Any Viruses / Trojan Horses That May Be On Your PC

The first thing you need to do before you do this is update the security software on your computer; specifically the antispyware and antivirus programs, and then fully scan the system.  To be certain that the scanning process is complete and 100% successful, you have to close all the other applications running in your computer.  When the scan indicates that some files are infected, you have to perform the recommended actions to eliminate the viruses it finds. To prevent being infected by malware in the future, you need to make sure that your antivirus is always up to date and working to provide real-time security. We recommend downloading & running XoftSpy to get rid of any of the viruses on your system.

Step 2 – Clean Out The Registry

Computer viruses, spyware and trojans are known to add malicious entries inside the registry of your Windows system. With this in mind, it is essential to clean the registry and eliminate these unwanted entries after you have deleted the viruses causing the wscntfy.exe errors. Unless you do so, the errors will not go away. This task can be done in two different ways: Manually or automatically using a program.

The manual process is quite tricky, and involves utilizing the Windows Registry Editor tool that you can use once the regedit command is prompted.  Unfortunately, Registry Editor is not that complete and the registry maintenance features are inadequate.  Furthermore, the process is complicated and tedious and if you are inexperienced with this it is most likely that you will just cause more problems rather than cure fix the registry as you intend.

The best way to resolve this issue is to clean out your registry by using a reliable registry cleaning tool. The registry is a central database that stores all the important files, settings and options, and information in your system.  When Windows loads up, it reads the files needed for it to run smoothly through this database. As this registry gets corrupted or infected, Windows cannot properly read the necessary files, thus, making your PC run slower, or worse, function improperly. To fix this, download and run a registry cleaning program to completely remove all the malicious entries that may have been left in your registry.

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