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How to Repair 0x0000008E Errors In Windows XP

The 0x0000008E error is a common problem on Windows XP and is caused by an inconsistency with the original release of XP. As this system is approaching 10 years old, many of the functions, files and settings that were on it before have either become damaged or corrupted, and do not work with all the latest software that’s now on the market.

The 0x0000008E error will typically show for any serious error caused by XP’s older inconsistencies, and normally shows in this format:


How To Fix The 0x0000008E Error

Step 1 – Update Windows XP To The Latest Service Pack

The way to repair this error is to update Windows XP to the latest service pack (SP3 is the latest at the time of writing). This is totally free to do (considering your copy of XP is genuine), and you can do it by following the steps below:

Download The Update From Microsoft

Download The Update Here

Automatically Update From Inside Windows

  • Click Start.
  • Select All programs.
  • Then select Windows Update (top of the list)

Updating your system with the latest service pack will help prevent errors such as the 0x0000008E error from happening.

Step 2 – Clean Out The Registry

The ‘registry’ is a central database which Windows uses to store all sorts of important information and settings inside. Treated as a sort of “library” for your PC, this central database is continually being used to help your computer run as smoothly and effectively as possible, by allowing Windows to save and recall a huge number of important details straight from one central location. This part of your system is one of the most important parts of the entire Windows OS, but is also one of the biggest causes of errors, as it’s continually being saved incorrectly. This problem is a huge issue for Windows, and can be repaired by using a “registry cleaner” program, such as the one recommended below:

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