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Remove The 2nd Thought Virus From Your PC

The 2nd Thought virus is a browser hijacker virus, which resets and changes your Home page to adult porn sites. The virus will display pop-ups and other malicious material. It is obtained from a number of sources, including the likes of Trojan Horse viruses, malicious websites and other infections. This virus, whilst an extremely annoying infection, can be removed relatively easily, and here’s how:

What Is The 2nd Thought Virus?

The 2nd Thought Virus is what is known as a “browser hijack” virus. Although the origins of this infection are unknown, the fact is that it will come onto your PC from various sources and change the homepage of your web browser, and some other resources as well. This virus is continually infecting computers around the World, and can be removed using the steps below.

How To Remove The 2nd Thought Virus

Step 1 – Download & Install Malaware Bytes

Malware Bytes is a free spyware & malware removal tool which you can download here.  You can install it and then let it remove the 2nd Thought virus from your PC. This will completely remove the infection that is causing the 2nd Thought virus, allowing your computer to run smoothly.

Using this tool is very simple. You need to select the type of scan you want to perform and then press “Scan” to get the tool to do the task. This will send Malware Bytes through your system and it will identify all the infected files, removing them for you. This automated tool is the best way to remove the infection because it gets 95% of it.

Step 2 – Clean Out The Registry

MalwareBytes is very effective at removing the actual infection from your PC, it does not finish the job properly… and ends up leaving a series of settings on your PC. These are kept in the ‘registry’ database and can actually allow the infection back onto your PC. In order to fully protect yourself, it is recommended that you download a registry cleaner and then use it to remove any of the infected ‘2nd Thought’ registry keys that can still cause problems. This tool is automated and is very easy to use.

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