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Runtime Error 226 Solutions

Error 226 usually occurs when the user tries to open an application such as Internet Explorer. It has many causes inside Windows, including the likes of: Insufficient memory, malware infection, damaged or corrupt core windows files, broken software installation, missing or damaged application files or a corrupt Windows registry. Following this method can help you overcome this error.

How To Fix Error 226

Step 1 – Run the “Windows System Checker”

The system checker is a command line operation which starts the Windows File Protection service. This service scans all the Windows files, to make sure their integrity is intact. If it happens that there is a damaged file, the service can replace the bad file with one from the copy of the Windows CD. In order to run System checker (you need to be in administrator mode):

  1. Click Start > Run
  2. In the box type “sfc” and press enter.

After you have processed the SFC command, run Windows update and make sure your PC is updated with the latest updates. If you are using later versions of Windows, such as Vista or 7, make sure automatic updates is turned on.

Step 2 – Download Updates For Your Software

If, after running the SFC command, the problem still persists on your PC, there may be missed, outdated or damaged files in a software installation. Make sure you visit the website of the software manufacturer to access the latest updates for the software.

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry Of Your System

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The ‘registry’ is a big cause of the Runtime 226 error, and is responsible for a lot of other issues on your computer as well. The problem is that the registry database of Windows is packed with so much information that your computer is continually trying to use too many settings from it at once. Each time you use your PC, the registry is constantly being damaged and corrupted, leading Windows to be unable to read the settings and files it needs to run. This often leads your computer to show errors such as the 226 error, making Windows unable to run as smoothly or effectively as possible any more.

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