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ZSR.dll Error Fix – Print Spooler Error Fix Tutorial

ZSR.dll is a file used by the “SurePrint” program form HP, and is used to help control the LaserJet 1020 printer on Windows PCs. Despite being a highly important file, this file is continually causing problems for millions of PC’s around the World because of the way it will often become damaged & corrupted. If you’re seeing ZSR.dll errors on your system, it’s recommended that you follow the steps outlined in this tutorial.

What Is The ZSR.dll Error?

This error will typically show in this format:

“Faulting application spoolsv.exe, version 5.1.2600.2696, faulting module ZSR.DLL, version 6.20.1625.0, fault address 0x0001f979”

The errors with ZSR.dll are shown by your printer not being able to correctly print “PDF” documents. The error is specifically caused by the way in which your computer will not be able to correctly open the ZSR.dll file on your PC, as well as your PC only having a “PCL” type of printer, as opposed to HOST (which is what’s required to perform the PDF printing). If you’re seeing errors with ZSR.dll, you need to be able to repair any of the errors & problems which could be causing the problem, including:

  • Use a piece of software called “FinePrint”
  • Make sure you have the correct printer driver installed
  • Clean out the registry of your system

How To Fix The ZSR.dll Error

Step 1 – Use A Piece Of Software Called “FinePrint”

FilePrint is a newly released piece of software which basically allows you to print the files you want, even if you’re seeing errors on your computer. You can use this program by downloading it onto your system, installing it and then letting it print your PDF file. This will bypass the faulty HP driver, allowing you to quickly print the documents you require without any further problems.

Step 2 – Make Sure You Have The Correct Printer Driver

If you installed the driver for your printer from the CD ROM that it was bundled with, you can avoid this step completely… however, if you just let Windows install your printer driver, or downloaded a driver from the HP website – you need to be sure you have the correct piece of software for your PC. To do this, you should click onto the HP downloads website, and download the driver for your system. This will allow you to get your printer working correctly again.

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry Of Windows

The “registry” of your PC is a central directory of files  & settings which your computer will use to run. This database is highly important because of the way it’s continually storing the likes of your desktop wallpaper, latest emails and all sorts of other important information. If you’re seeing any sort of problem on your PC, the registry could be to blame because it will have some sort of problem / issue with the files being damaged. If you’re still experiencing zsr.dll errors on your computer, or have a number of other issues causing the errors to show – it’s recommended that you use a registry cleaner to fix any of the problems that your system may have. You can download our recommended cleaner from the link below:

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