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A Way To Stop The Phyiscal Memory Dump Error

The Physical Memory Dump error is one of the most common forms of the ‘blue screen of death’. This error is so bad that Windows has no choice but to cease all operations and present you with a blue screen, detailing the issue and what caused it. The physical memory dump error can come from many different causes… and this is a tutorial on how to fix it.


The Physical Memory Dump error is actually caused by two different things, which are fixed by performing a simple step-by-step process. The error itself is where your system has to “dump” all the things in a folder on your hard drive, in order to try and save the integrity of your system. The annoying thing about this problem is the way in which it is seemly random and just stops everything you are doing.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to fix this problem which even a beginner can do. You just need to follow these simple steps:

STEP 1 – Disconnect Any New Hardware

The main cause of the Physical Memory Dump error is incompatible hardware. This is where you might install the likes of a USB drive, DVD drive or even a hard drive, and your PC cannot run that piece of hardware with another piece. This is a common problem and as long as computer components are all made by different manufacturers, it’s going to continue to be a problem.

If you have added any new hardware to your PC – even if it’s the likes of a Mouse or Monitor, you need to remove it right away, as it could be conflicting with your current hardware. This should stop the error, but you will have to either return the hardware or get some new upgrades in order to make it all compatible.

STEP 2 – Reininstall Any Program That Causes The Error

We used to have this error with Adobe Photoshop, meaning that something inside that software package was causing the problem. This could be happening on your PC as well, and it’s important to note when the error appears… as if it keeps occurring with a certain program, it could be a compatibility issue with your software.

You should note down when the error occurs and then try reinstalling any software you had open at the time. Normally, there is a file or setting inside the software which causes it to become erroneous, forcing your computer to restart and have the physical memory dump.

STEP 3 (IMPORTANT) – Repair The Registry

The registry is a big database which Windows uses to store all the settings and options for your computer. It’s basically where your computer “remembers” everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper, meaning that it’s constantly in use every time you use your system. The only problem with the registry is that since it’s constantly being used, Windows actually gets confused about which files it has open for it, making it confused and leading it to save many parts of the registry in the wrong way.

This is a huge issue which can cause the Physical Memory dump in many PCs. Essentially, what happens is that because Windows is using too many registry files each day, it saves many wrongly, causing them to become mixed up and unreadable. This makes Windows unable to process the files it needs next time, making your system run slower and with a lot of errors as it tries to open the files it wants. This problem causes the physical memory dump when too many registry files are damaged.

To fix this, it’s highly recommended you use a registry cleaner to clean up the registry. You just need to download a good cleaner, install it and then let it scan through your system, removing all the problems that are in there. You can download a good registry cleaner here.

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