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Crysis 2 Crashes Fix – How To Stop This Game Crashing

Crysis 2 (Release Date: 03/25/2011) is a popular “FPS” (First Person Shooter) which can be played on the PC, Xbox and Playstation. Famed for its high-powered graphics, as well as its real-to-life physics engine, this game is widely accepted as one of the most advanced ever created. The only problem, however, is that if Crysis 2 continually becomes damaged or corrupted, Windows will either crash or be unable to play the game. If Crysis 2 keeps crashing, you have to be able to fix the various problems that will lead the problems it has to show – which can be done by first ensuring that your game is installed correctly, as well as having all the files & settings required to help it operate.

What Causes Crysis 2 To Crash?

The main proponent to this game crashing is the fact that Crysis 2 is uses the highly advanced “CryEngine” – a centralized set of features, functions and applications that allows the Crysis 2 game to continually run as smoothly as possible. It’s often the case that the CryEngine will become damaged or incompatible on your PC. However, the complete list of problems with this game may include:

  • Crysis will be damaged or corrupted
  • The graphics driver on your PC may not work correctly
  • Windows may have problems with its registry settings

The way to resolve the problems caused by Crysis 2 is to first ensure that the game is working correctly, as well as then ensuring that all the parts of Windows that are required to help it run, are working correctly as well.

How To Fix Crysis 2 Crashes

Step 1 – Re-Install Crysis 2

The first, and most important step is to re-install Crysis 2 completely. This not only makes sure that your computer is able to properly read the files & settings the game has, but is also able to process all of its settings in the most effective way. To do this, follow the steps outlined here:

  1. Click “Start”
  2. Click “Control Panel”
  3. Locate “Add / Remove Programs” or “Uninstall A Program
  4. Find Crysis 2
  5. Click “Remove” Next To It
  6. After The Uninstall, Restart Your PC
  7. When Booted Again, Let Crysis 2 install again

This will basically just allow your computer to read all of the important files & settings that it requires in order to help it run. We’ve found a lot of problems with this game, with the likes of Windows being unable to properly process various DLL files that it has, as wel as having a large number of potential conflicts with the information stored inside its central directory of data.

Step 2 – Re-Install The Graphics Driver Of Your PC

The next step is to re-install the graphics driver of your computer. This is what often causes a lot of problems with the likes of Crysis 2, mainly because of the way in which the graphics of this game are so advanced. It’s either going to be the case that a Windows computer will be unable to process the graphics driver correctly, or have some sort of problem with the files the graphics driver will be using – preventing it from being able to run very smoothly on your system. Here’s how to perform this step:

  1. Click “Start”
  2. Click “Control Panel”
  3. Click “Add / Remove Programs” (XP) / “Uninstall A Program” (Win 7)
  4. Locate either “ATI” or “NVidia” Software
  5. Click “Remove”
  6. Restart Your PC
  7. Play The Game Again

This will get rid of the potentially corrupted graphics driver, that will often prevent the likes of Crysis 2 from working correctly. This problem, although small, is generally considered to be one of the biggest causes of problems with Crysis 2 – and it’s therefore essential that you are able to fix the issues it may have.

Step 3 – Close Any Other Programs When Running Crysis 2

Another important point here is that you should also close any other programs you have running when you try and use Crysis 2. The problem for a lot of people is that they will continually try and play the Crysis application with the likes of an Internet Browser, music or some other form of software running in the background. This only causes problems for you, meaning that in order to prevent any issues resulting from it, it’s recommended you stop any programs running that are not Crysis. This will prevent any of the problems that can lead Crysis 2 to crash to many times.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry Of Your PC

It’s also recommended that you clean out the registry of your computer to ensure the continued smooth operation of Crysis 2. The registry is basically a centralized database that all Windows computers use to help them process the important files, information & options that are required to help it run smoothly, and is basically where the likes of your desktop wallpaper, most recent emails and even your saved passwords are kept. Although the registry is continually being used to help your computer to read the files it needs to run, it’s continually being damaged – leading your system to run much slower and with a lot of problems. To fix this, you should look to use a registry cleaner application to clean out any of the errors that the registry will have inside.

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