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How To Fix 0x8004005 & 0x800C005

The 0x8004005 error appears when you click “Scan For Updates” on your Windows Server 2003 PC. The error will show right after Windows brings up “0%” on the progress bar, indicating that the update was unsuccessful. This error is generally caused by damaged link library files (.dll files) and shows these errors:

  • 0x8004005
  • 0x800C005

What Causes The 0x8004005 Error?

The 0x8004005 & 0x800C005 errors are caused by damaged or missing .dll files from your PC. Whenever Windows tries to update your system, it tries to open a series of files that it needs in order to process the various updates that Microsoft release. Unfortunately, many of the files that are required during this update procedure have the tendency to become corrupt and damaged. This means that if you want to fix this error, it’s essential you’re able to repair the damage to the various dll files that Windows needs.

How To Fix 0x8004005 Errors

Step 1 – Check Internet Settings & Firewall Blocks

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that your Internet connection is fine and that the Microsoft Update servers are not being blocked by your firewall. To do this, you should first open up any firewall you have and make sure that “HTTPS data transfer” is allowed on your PC. This might be tricky to find but because there are so many types of firewall out there, it would be impossible for us to list exactly what to do here.

Step 2 – Register Essential DLL Files

You can also use the regsvr32 command to reregister several .dll files:

  1. Click Start, click Run, type cmd in the Open box, and then click OK.
  2. At the command prompt, type the following commands. Press ENTER after each line:

    regsvr32 Softpub.dll
    regsvr32 Wintrust.dll
    regsvr32 Initpki.dll

  3. Click OK.
  4. Restart your computer.

Step 3 – Use A Registry Cleaner To Repair Any Errors

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Registry cleaners are a great way to stop errors like the 0x8004005 error because they are able to repair many of the common DLL errors that develop on the typical Windows computer. The specific problem that this fixes is that the “registry database” stores a large list of DLL files & their references on your computer. This list is used by all the software programs on your PC to load up a variety of different files that these programs need to run. However, this list is often corrupted, making your computer unable to read the files it needs to the programs it needs. This is a big problem and one which is fixed by using a “registry cleaner” to scan through the damaged DLL files list and fix the problems that are inside it. You can see our recommended registry cleaner below:

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