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A Patch Fix The ‘Black Screen Of Death’ On Windows 7

Many people are reporting the ominous “Black Screen Of Death” error on their new Windows 7 systems, which has actually caused a lot of controversy online. This error, and its cousin the “Blue Screen Of Death“, are both extremely annoying and frustrating…. but the good news is that there’s actually a patch to fix the issue.

The “Black Screen Of Death” is where Windows will not load up, and will just hang on a black screen. This is caused by your system not being able to read some of the registry keys that it has, making several important services and programs fail to load, making your system seem to be unable to boot. Here are two was to fix this problem:

Step 1 – Download the fixShell patch from PrevX.

This patch has been designed to correct some of the damaged registry keys which have been causing a lot of black screen errors on Windows 7, Vista and XP. This patch is a simple and free application which will fix the most common cause of the error for you. Download and run it and see if it fixes the problem.

Step 2 – Download and run a registry cleaner

Many people are pointing to corrupt registry keys as being the problem that causes the Black Screen Of Death. This means that you could just download a registry cleaner tool and then have that scan through the registry and fix all the issues that are in there. Click here to download a registry cleaner.

It must be noted that although these methods might work for some poeple, there are so many causes of the Black Screen Of Death that they might not work for all. You should use these recommended methods at your own risk or reward!

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