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How To Perform DLL Error Repair – Fix DLL Errors

Why Is DLL Error Repair Needed?

DLL files are the abbreviated term for “Dynamic Link Library” files, and are what many different software programs use for functions and features. Back when computers did not have a lot of spare memory left over, developers had to invent a way to allow as many programs as possible to reuse a variety of functions and features.

.DLL files were invented to allow Windows and other programs to reuse various different protocols and functions to help them operate in a certain way. For example, a DLL file could be created to call the minimize and exit buttons on the top right hand corner of every Window. What .dll files meant was that you could keep “TopRightHandButtons.dll” and just let programs call that instead of taking up valuable space writing their own commands.

Fast-Forward to today and you’ll find that DLL files are still in use by Windows. However, their popularity has increased a lot with software developers and they are now used for almost every software tool and game that you can get. Although they play a vital role in the smooth operation of your PC, these files are constantly causing all sorts of errors, which need to be fixed.

What Are DLL Errors?

Example of .dll error

DLL errors are problems that these files have inside your PC. They typically show up in a small alert box and detail the specific .dll file that is causing the error on your system. These can be extremely damaging to your computer as they make it unable to various pieces of software or tools.

Causes Of DLL Errors

DLL errors are caused by a number of issues including:

  • A DLL file is deleted by accident or when an application is uninstalled.
  • A faulty application or download damages the DLL files.
  • The registry contains damaged references to DLL files, causing random errors.
  • DLL files are corrupted by infected viruses or other malicious software
  • Installing an application replaces a DLL with a corrupt, damaged or older version than the one you have.

The biggest problem with DLL errors is that whenever you get these issues, it’s only a matter of time before more and more of them start to flood your PC, preventing you from being able to do work or play games. It’s vital that you can fix these errors quickly and effectively.

How To Cure DLL Errors

DLL errors are caused by a series of typical problems, including: 1) Faulty Applications, 2) Viruses or other ‘malware’ infections, 3) Hardware issues & 4) Damaged registry entries

To fix these errors, there is a simple method that you can follow which will resolve any DLL error that is on your system. Here’s what you need to do…

STEP 1 – Reinstall Any Application That Won’t Start
OR Replace The .DLL File That’s Causing Trouble.

Sometimes, DLL files and applications get erroneous with time and it’s just a case of having to reinstall the faulty program or file to get it working again. If you cannot start a particular application because of the error, then you should uninstall the program by clicking on Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs; and then install a fresh copy again.

If reinstalling the application does not work, then it’s important that you are able to replace the DLL file that is at fault, if your computer displays which one it is. If you know which DLL file is causing the issue, you should go to Google and type the filename into the search box. You should be offered some download sites to get a new file for your system, where you then just put the file into the folder where it was before, replacing an older version.

STEP 2 – Clean Out Your PC Of Any Viruses

Getting viruses is a big problem for many computer users, and a lot of these viruses will just do random things like make DLL files not work. One of the biggest reasons for DLL errors is when a “Worm” virus tries to change the file unsuccessfully, leaving it damaged and corrupted. This will create an error and could harm your PC.

To fix this, it’s advisable that you use an antivirus tool and let it scan your system. If any viruses have infected and damaged the DLL files, then it should find them and fix the issue. However, it must be noted that these tools will only remove the virus and not fix the DLL error. To do that, you should refer to steps 1, 3 & 4.

STEP 3 – Fix Any Potential Hardware Issues

Hardware is another problem that can cause DLL issues. You need to make sure that any hardware, peripharels or other connected devices are all securely to prevent this issue from causing DLL errors. You should make sure that all the components of your PC are all secured into place.

STEP 4 – Clean Out The Registry

The registry is one of the biggest causes of DLL errors – because it’s where your computer stores all the settings and file references for your PC. The registry database stores the references for the DLL errors, allowing your computer to keep information about all the .dll files on your computer.

Unfortunately, the registry is one of the biggest causes of issues for your computer because it’s constantly becoming corrupted and damaged. This makes Windows unable to run smoothly and often makes the path to DLL errors unrecognizable, causing the error. This is fixed by using a registry repair tool which can be downloaded here.

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