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How To Fix PPP Error 718

When attempting to access the Internet, using a dial up connection, you may experience “PPP Error 718“. This means that the computer could not establish a connection to the Internet. The PPP prefix of the error is defined as “Point-to-Point Protocol” and it is a protocol (set of instructions) that are used between two computers over a serial interface, such as dial up. PPP is used in dial up to connect the computer to a server via means of a serial modem. The error can occur for a variety of reasons, such as faulty drivers or a simple mistype of the user name.

What Causes PPP Error 718?

The error message associated with this error is:

Error 718: the computer you’re dialing in to cannot establish a Dial-Up Networking connection. Check your password, and then try again.


Error connecting to Connection Name:
Verifying user name and password
Error 718: Timed out waiting for a valid response from the remote PPP Peer

These error messages are saying that the your computer is not receiving a response from a PPP server. Typically, this could be the result of: faulty drivers installed for your modem; incorrect login details or a faulty internet connection. With this error, you will not be able to access any internet related activites, such as email or the world wide web.

How To Fix PPP Error 718

Step 1 – Check Your Internet Connection

Checking your internet connection should always be the first port of call with any internet related error. It distinguishs whether you have a problem with your system, or it is an error that has no substance. To check your internet connection:

  1. Click Start > Browsername (Where browser name is the name of your default browser)
  2. Type

Google is always online so testing to see if it will load will be a good indicator for your internet connection. If it loads, you need not worry about the error. If it doesn’t load, you will not be connected to the internet. You should check the phone line and other hardware, to see if they are configured correctly and plugged in. A simple cable that is unplugged or not plugged in correctly could lead to this error. If, after you have done this, the error is still present and you cannot connect to the internet, it may be the problem of your modem drivers.

Step 2 – Upgrade Modem Driver

An out of date modem driver or a corrupt modem driver will stop the device from functioning properly, causing the PPP 178 erro. You should visit the manufacturer of your modem to ensure you have the correct and up to date version of the driver required. Always make sure you pick the correct driver for the operating system you are currently on. It is important you do not download a driver from elsewhere because this may not be authentic and cannot be guarenteed to work. It is always recommended that you keep your drivers up to date.

Step 3 – Ensure Login Details Are Correct

For a PPP, or any other similar connection, to an ISP to work properly, it requires a username and password. This prevents unauthorised use of the connection by other parties. If you have entered an incorrect username or password, the server will not accept this and your computer will only recognise this as it cannot establish a connection. You may have to contact your ISP for help on this matter, such as lost usernames or passwords.

Step 4 – Clean The Registry

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