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How To Fix Runtime Errors Caused By Ncsjapi32.exe

Runtime errors caused by the ncsjapi32.exe program are extremely common on the Windows Vista operating system, and others. These errors can vary greatly but the “runtime” errors often describe how programs are unable to run due to the effects this file has on the system.

What Causes The ncsjapi32.exe Runtime 21 Errors?

Ncsjapi32.exe is a file associated with a Trojan horse virus that installs itself on your computer and proceeds to cause problems for your system. The error this file causes are known as “Runtime 21” errors because they typically show this type of error message:

Runtime Error 21 at 00DC49D2 (ncsjapi43.exe)

The error itself is caused by your computer not being able to read the virus’ Ncsjapi32.exe file that it needs to run. The Ncsjapi32.exe virus is generally known for being spread by FaceBook, and many users have reported seeing this infection after they have played games or used applications on the popular FaceBook social networking website. There are several ways to remove this virus, detailed below:

How To Stop Runtime 21 Errors Caused By Ncsjapi32.exe

Method 1 – Manually Remove The “Facebook Virus”

To manually fix the Runtime 21 error, you need to go into your system and remove any instances of this file. On a typical Windows system, the Ncsjapi32.exe virus files are kept in C:\Windows\System 32\splm and include:

– Ncsjapi32.exe

– kdbsapi.dll

– imfunit32.dll

All these files need to be removed in order to maintain the integrity of your PC, and to fix this error manually, you should follow these steps:

1) Restart your PC in safe mode (see instructions here)

2) Click the Start button and then on Run to open up the “run” console

3) In the box, type cmd to bring up the “command prompt”

4) In the black window that appears, type CD “C:\Windows\System32” & hit enter

5) Type RMDIR splm /S and hit enter again to delete the infected splm folder

6) Restart your PC in normal mode

This will delete the splm folder and all of it’s contents. And considering that is where the  Ncsjapi32.exe virus keeps its files, it should stop the virus on your PC. You should also use a registry cleaner to scan through the settings that the Ncsjapi32.exe virus left behind. The use of a registry cleaner is highly recommended after removing this kind of virus.

Method 2 – Automatically Remove The Virus With An Antivirus Tool

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Removing viruses from your computer can be done manually or with an antivirus program. You could try using the above antivirus tool to scan through your system and remove any of the infected viruses that are inside your PC. There are a lot of viruses that are inside Windows and this tool is one of the most up to date and effective at removing them all. You should download it and then install it. It will start to scan your system and then identify all the infected files which it will then remove automatically.

Highly Recommended – Clean the Registry

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Removing viruses from your PC is a good way to keep your system secure, however, many of the methods which remove viruses neglect to remove the settings and files that the virus leaves inside the ‘registry’. This is a big problem because it means that your computer is left wide open to any other attacks, which could be much more damaging. It’s highly recommended that you use a ‘registry cleaner’ tool to scan through your registry settings and fix any of the damaged ones that are causing problems on your PC. Your can download a registry tool with the link below:

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