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How To Fix sshnas21.dll Error

The sshnas21.dll file is a dynamic link library component which is directly linked to the FakeAlert trojanvirus. This trojan acts as a rogue spyware program which infects your computer by covertly gaining access to your system through means of infected websites, infected emails and infected links. Once you go on an infected website with damaged link and click on them or open the infected emails the trojan will immediately start to install itself onto your computer and begin to infect files and settings and start spreading throughout your system.

What Causes The sshnas21.dll Error

  • Your computer getting infected by Trojans
  • Low computer defences
  • No protection

How To Fix sshnas21.dll Error

Step 1 – Use Anti-Spyware Software

The first thing you should do is use any anti-spyware software you can to remove the infection from your PC, as this will be able to detect any infections that are on your computer and get rid of them. It is important that you have the latest protection on your computer because there are always more sophisticated viruses andĀ TrojansĀ out there that are just waiting to infect your computer and steal information. We recommend using a program called XoftSpy to fix the various problems that you may have on your PC.

Step 2 – Clean Out The Registry

The next step is to clean out your computer’s registry because Trojans are very damaging and harmful to your computer and can cause long lasting effects if not treated as soon as possible. The registry is a very complex virtual database that stores vital information that your computer uses all the time. The information that it has stored in there act like instructions which tell your computer how to act or what to do under certain conditions, and the registry is structured in a specific way that it can operate as quickly and smoothly as possible. Things like Trojans and other viruses can seriously tamper and alter the structure of the registry causing devastating effects.

We recommend using a program called “RegAce System Suite 2.0” to fix the problems that your PC may have. You can use this tool by downloading it from the Internet, installing it and then letting it clean out any of the issues on your system.

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