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How To Fix “XLive.dll Not Found” Errors

XLive.dl is a Dynamic Link Library (.dll) file that Microsoft games use to keep graphics & game-play as smooth as possible. It’s used extensively by all the latest Microsoft Games, including Gears of War and Fallout. However, it’s also prone to many errors and issues.

Cause Of Xlive.dll Errors

Xlive.dll errors normally appear when you are either trying to install or – commonly – trying to play a Microsoft game. The errors that appear are normally “xlive.dll not found” or “xlive.dll is missing”. Either one of these errors constitutes to the same cause – which is normally a corrupt or damaged xlive.dll file.

How To Fix Xlive.dll Errors

Step 1 – Reinstall The Game

If you’re trying to play a game that requires xlive.dll, this file may have been overwritten or damaged by the installation of another game or program. To make sure that you can play your game reliably, you should follow these instructions to safely reinstall the game on your system:

1) Click Start > Control Panel

2) Click On “Add or Remove Programs” or equivalent

3) Browse through the list & find the game you want to paly

4) Highlight the game and click “Uninstall”

5) Download “Microsoft Games Live Support” application & install on your PC

6) Reinstall your affected game

This will place fresh new game files onto your computer and will allow your game to read the xlive.dll file quickly and reliably, fixing the error for good.

Step 2 – Repair The Registry

After you’ve performed step 1, you should then repair the registry with a ‘registry cleaner’. This is essential because the registry stores many settings that all Microsoft games need to run, including a large list of DLL files & their locations. This means that if you’ve just reinstalled your game, there may be a lot of leftover references & settings which might prevent your computer from being able to run properly. Registry cleaners scan through the registry database and fix any of the damaged or corrupted settings that are inside it, allowing your computer to run a lot faster and smoother. And one of the upsides of using these tools on your system is that they will actually fix a lot of the DLL such as xlive.dll. You can see our recommended registry cleaner below to fix this error:

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