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How To Make Your Computer Run More Programs At Once

If you want to run more programs on your computer at once, there are actually a variety of different things you can do to achieve that. We’ve been using computers since the early 90’s and although the increase in speed has been phenomenal, it’s still a problem for many people to have a computer that can only run one or two programs at once. To fix this, you can use this series of simple steps to make any PC run faster and load more programs.

How To Make Computers Run More Programs At Once

Computers run slow thanks to a simple problem – they cannot process the information & processes you want in a quick-enough time. This is an issue which even the most advanced of computers can fall foul of, but is actually very easy to fix.

When your computer loads up a program, it has to read through a series of different settings, files and options to help it run. Every time you open up a program, it has to load up more and more of these settings, which means that if your computer is not very effective it will end up being unable to read all the settings & options for all the programs that are open, slowing it down and preventing you from being able to do what you want.

In order to make your PC run more programs at once, you need to basically make it as ‘streamlined’ as possible, by allowing it to quickly find and and use the settings & options that it needs. this is done using 3 simple steps, which are here:

Step 1 – Uninstall Unwanted Programs

Having a series of different programs on your computer is okay but it also means that your computer is constantly trying to run these unwanted programs in the “background”. This is a big problem because it makes your computer unable to focus on the tasks and programs that you want, which prevents it from running more of your programs.  To fix this, you should click on Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs and then remove any of the programs that you don’t want any more. This should allow your computer to better focus on the programs you want to use, allowing it to open more of them at once.

Step 2 – Clean Out Viruses

Many people unknowingly have 100’s of viruses on their computers which slow them down a lot. You should use a virus scanner program such as XofySpy to scan through your PC and then remove any of the infections that are in there. These virus scanners are highly effective and can allow you to boost the speed of your PC a lot by removing the viruses that just make it unable to use one program at a time.

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry

The registry is the central database for Windows which stores the information, settings and files that it needs to run every day. One of the biggest problems for Windows computers is that they constantly have 100’s of files inside the registry corrupted and damaged. This is a problem which even the most advanced computers cannot avoid and is one which you should fix by downloading a registry cleaner. These tools will scan through all the settings on your PC and then fix any of the ones that are causing trouble – allowing your computer to use all the settings it needs in the fastest and most reliable way. You should download this registry cleaner and let it fix all the corrupt files on your system, speeding it up.

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