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Steps To Speed Up Your Internet Browsing

Anyone who uses a computer on a daily basis will know that the Internet is becoming an incredibly popular source of information, entertainment and networking. However, there are many people who have a very slow Internet connection which is highly annoying and frustrating. Fortunately, there’s actually a very easy method to make your connection and browser run fast again and here’s how…

How To Make Your Internet Faster

Step 1- Check Your Internet Connection

You should first check to see if your Internet connection is okay by using an “Internet Speed Test” to see how fast your connection is. It’s often the case that Internet providers will provide a less-than-adequate connection speed to your computer, and if you are getting below 1mb/s then you should really call up your Internet company to sort the problem out.

Step 2 – Reinstall Your Browsers

Another big cause of a slow Internet connection is that your web browser is corrupted or damaged. This is caused just from daily use and is a problem that many Internet browsers are prone to having. You should reinstall your browsers by clicking on Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove programs and then click “Uninstall” next to your current browser. You should then head to the homepage of the browser and then download the latest version to reinstall it. This should remove any damaged program files and replace them with fresh new ones which will make your system better able to browse the Internet.

Step 3 – Repair The Registry

Download This Registry Cleaner

The ‘registry’ is also a big cause of problems for Windows in general, but it’s also the main reason why Internet browsers are not able to run quickly. The registry is a database which contains the settings and information files for Windows and it’s often the case that many of these settings become corrupt and damaged. To fix this problem, you can use a ‘registry cleaner’ to speed up your PC and make it run smoother and more reliably. Using one of these registry tools will not only speed up your Interent browser speed, but will also make your system run faster in general. You can get started by downloading our recommended tool below:

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