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How To Resolve The “Mscoree.dll Could Not Be Found” Error

The Mscoree.dll could not be found error is an extremely annoying and common problem which affects all versions of Windows. Fortunately, it’s a very easy problem to fix, if you follow these instructions:

What Is Mscoree.dll?

Mscoree.dll is a Dynamic Link Library (.dll) file which is used by the .NET framework for Windows.  This file is used by programs that have been coded in the .NET programming language to function, and if you do not have this framework on your computer, this error will show.

This is a typical example of the what the Mscoree.dll error will say:

Unable to Locate DLL – The Dynamic Link Library mscoree.dll could not be found in the specified path.

Causes Of The Mscoree.dll Error

There are several causes of the Mscoree.dll error and in order to fix the problem, you need to resolve the causes of it first. The main cause of this error is the absence of the “.Net Framework” on Windows. There are also other issues which can involve viruses and corrupt registry settings.

How To Fix The Mscoree.dll Error

Step 1 – Install The .NET Framework On Your PC

The most common cause of this error is the lack of .NET on your PC. To remedy this, you should first look to install this framework onto your computer. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Download the .NET Framework from the Microsoft website

2) Run the installer

3) When the installation is complete, restart your PC

If the error disappears after the restart, it means you should not have to worry about this error any more. Installing the .NET framework basically allows your system to run certain programs that were coded with this technology and it will not add any programs or unwanted parts of your PC. However, if the problem has not been fixed, you should try the following steps:

Step 2 – Scan For Viruses

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Viruses can also cause the errors you are seeing. There are viruses which basically latch onto files such as mscoree.dll and then corrupt them, preventing Windows from not being able to recognize them again. This is a big problem which can only be fixed by using an antivirus program to scan through your computer and fix the viruses that are inside it. We’ve for a recommended antivirus tool called “XoftSpySE”.

Step 3 – Clean The Registry

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The ‘registry’ is a big database inside Windows which keeps a large list of references for the DLL files on your system. This central database is where Windows keeps a list of the DLL file locations for your computer, and is where your system looks each time it wants to use a dll file such as mscoree.dll. Unfortunately, it’s prone to becoming damaged and corrupted and is constantly being unable to read the files and references that it needs to open the files that it wants. This is a major problem that causes a lot of damage to many different parts of your system. Running a registry scan will remove all the damaged references inside the registry, allowing it to run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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