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MCI32.ocx Error Fixes For Windows Vista

MCI32.ocx is a very important file inside Windows Vista which allows applications to use the Visual Basic 6.0 framework. Unfortunately, VB6.0 was outdated at the launch of Vista and common VB6.0 component files, including MSI32.ocx were left out of the installation of Vista. This means that if you’re now receiving errors from this file, it’s most likely down to the way in which Vista is not able to use them on your PC. Here’s how to fix the issue:

What Is MCI32.ocx?

MCI – or “Media Control Interface” files are designed to help Windows use a variety of different media functions in its applications. These files are designed for use with various applications and basically allow your computer to run programs which are a lot more animated and audio-orientated than others.

Traditionally, these files are shipped with Windows installations to provide complete compatibility, however Vista did not have various MCI files included with its installation, causing the errors to show. To fix these errors, you need to be able to put these files onto your PC and allow programs to read from them. Here’s what to:

How To Fix MCI32.ocx Errors

Step 1 – Reinstall The Program Showing The Error

This error is almost always caused by the MCI32.ocx file being damaged, unreadable or not registered on your PC. In order to make your system run the program that needs the file, you need to open up the program that has the file and then reinstall it. Reinstalling the program that’s causing the error will not only place a new version of the file onto your computer, but will also register it inside the registry and make your computer able to read it again, preventing the error.

Step 2 – Place A Fresh Copy Of The File Onto Your PC

You should download the zip file from the link above and save it onto your PC. After you’ve done that, you then need to browse to C:\Windows\System32 and locate the current MCI32.ocx file. Once you’ve found the current file, you should then rename it to MCI323.ocx and put the new file you just downloaded in the same folder as it. This will give you a backup copy of the file whilst putting the new version of the file onto your system as well.

Step 3 – Repair The Registry

One of the big reasons why this error occurs is because the various references to it inside the “registry” database are corrupted or damaged. Windows stores references to all the vital files that it needs inside the registry, allowing all the programs on your computer to read the files they need whenever they need them. This is very important but unfortunately, the registry is prone to becoming damaged, which leads your programs to be unable to read the files they need to run. This happens to all Windows computers and to fix it, you should use a “registry cleaner” tool to scan through the registry and fix any of the damaged settings and references that are inside it. You can download our recommended registry cleaner below:

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