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Shockwave Flash Crash Fix Tutorial

Shockwave Player is a component of the “Flash” plugin for Windows – which is an important piece of software used to play online interactive content. Although this software is used to help make Windows run much smoother, it’s continually leading a huge number of problems to form due to Sockwave not working correctly. This can be caused by either the files that Shockwave requiring being damaged, your PC having a number of potential problems with its software, or Windows just being unable to correctly read the settings that it needs to run.

What Causes Shockwave Flash Crashes?

The crashes you’re experiencing are going to be caused by 3 possible issues:

  • The sound drivers of your PC may be unreliable or damaged
  • Windows could have problems with its registry
  • Shockwave Flash may be corrupted or damaged

How To Resolve Shockwave Flash Crashes

Step 1 – Re-Install The Flash ActiveX Component

The first step is to re-install the Shockwave Flash ActiveX Component. This can be done by clicking onto the “Add / Remove Programs” feature of Windows, and removing all the parts of the Shockwave Flash application from your PC, like so:

  • Click “Start”
  • Click “Control Panel” > “Add / Remove Programs”
  • Locate Shockwave Flash Plugin / Control
  • Click “Remove”
  • Restart your PC
  • Download a replacement version of the Shockwave Flash Plugin

Step 2 – Update The Drivers Of Your PC

The “drivers” of Windows are what your computer uses to communicate with its hardware. These are crucial in being able to help your system process the important options & settings that it needs to access the software required. You should update any of the drivers which may be outdated or damaged – which can be done by using these steps:

1) Open Device Manager
2) Look for the sound-card device
3) Note down the name for that device
4) Just uninstall the it.
5) After uninstalling restart your machine.
6) Your Windows 7 or Windows Vista would automatically download and reinstall the sound driver. You can also do it manually through approaching the sound card company’s web site.

Step 3 – Clean Out Any Registry Errors On Your System

The next step is to download a “registry cleaner” tool and fix the various problems that Windows may have with its settings. We’ve found that one of the biggest causes of issues for your PC will be the way in which the registry database of your system will not be able to be loaded correctly – leading your system to run much slower and with a lot of problems. The registry is basically a database of important information & settings that allows Windows computers to open the likes of their most recent emails and desktop wallpaper. If you are experiencing any sort of problem / error on your system, it’s likely the case that the registry database is causing the errors, and needs to be resolved.

We recommend downloading a tool called RegAce System Suite to fix these problems. This tool has been created by a leading software company to help fix the registry, and works the best to repair the various issues on your system.

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