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Slow Internet Connection? Here Are Fool-Proof Ways to Speed It Up!

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Internet service providers and cell phone companies keep bragging on about how they’re doing a great job taking Internet connection speeds to the next level. But you don’t notice any improvement! In fact, your Internet connection keeps feeling slower – pages take ages to load, downloads get stuck, and watching Full HD videos is next to impossible (and I’m not even talking about 4K). If that’s the case, read on because we have some fabulous tips that will help you make your slow Internet connection fast again in no time.

Call Your ISP

Right, this sounds obvious but if you feel that your Internet connection is slower than what you’re paying for, give your ISP or cell phone provider a call. Chances are that something’s not right and you really are getting a poor service. If you’ve been the company’s customer for long enough, ask them for a free upgrade. Most ISPs will gladly do that to keep you with them.

Check Your Router

Another thing that could be making your Internet connection slower than a snail is your router. You never know, there might be some settings that don’t work with your ISP very well. Start with simply restarting your router – that alone can do wonders. Then make sure you’re close enough to it because being out of its range will result in a poor connection. When all that is done, take some time to check the router’s manual and support site. You may find some great settings there. And a Google search on the subject wouldn’t hurt either. Just remember to search for your particular make and model.

Check for Unauthorized Access

Are you sure that you’re not sharing your Internet connection with the whole neighborhood? If you have your doubts, then it’s best to check your router settings. If your hardware is compatible, you really should have WPA encryption and always use a password to connect to the network. And don’t forget to check connected users. If you see any unauthorized persons using your connection, block them by blacklisting their devices’ MAC addresses.

Clean Up PC Junk

And last but not least, you should check your overall computer performance because that affects browsing speed too. If your computer and browser are bursting with temporary files, it’s only natural that things will slow down. So, use a trusted PC or Mac cleaner to delete junk files, optimize settings, and fix internal errors. Then, your computer will work a lot faster and so will your Internet connection.

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