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If you are locked out of your Windows PC because you forgot the password, the good news is that there is actually a Windows Password Resetter tool software available that you can use to reset the password on your PC. This tool is a downloadable piece of software and is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. The Windows password reset software called “Password Resetter” is becoming very popular as a way to get back into your system if you forget or misplace the password for it. Here is our review of this tool:

How Does This Windows Password Reset Software Work?

Password Resetter is a password reset program that acts like a boot loader for Windows. A boot loader is simply a command-line program which runs before the main operating system has loaded. Boot loaders are used widely for managing multiple operating system installations on your PC and in this instance, the resetter program loads before Windows to gain access to the secure files that your system has.

You basically just need to create a “boot CD” or a “boot USB” with the software and then your computer will boot from that medium instead of Windows. The program will then scan through the files inside the Windows system and find the one where your password is installed, and will reset it to a predetermined password of your choice.

After the program searches through your Windows files and finds the file with the password inside, it will change the file, restart and then load up Windows again. Because the file has been changed, you will just need to type the new password into the password box on the Windows login screen, and then it should log you in. This method is extremely reliable and does not damage the Windows installation in any way – it’s basically just changing a setting inside your system without Windows knowing.

Here’s a more in-depth video of how this program works:

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How Can This Software Reset The Windows Password?

The way Windows works is to store all of its data inside files and settings. All these files are on your hard drive, which means that if you can use a tool or a piece of software that edits these files, it should be able to change your password.

The way in which Password Resetter works is to scan through various registry keys of Windows and some of the user profile files as well, searching out the settings that contain password information for your system. Because all Windows systems contain the same files and settings for your passwords, the creators of Password Resetter were able to create a uniform tool that resets the password on any Windows system.

Does This Program Actually Work?

The Password Resetter program is very simple and some may call it basic… however, its effectiveness is undeniable. This program is able to find and reset the password on every current version of Windows and is extremely easy to use. This Windows Password Reset program even works on Windows 7:

You can see why many people are investing in this tool each day, and how you can use it to quickly fix your locked Windows computer.

Where Can I Get The Windows Password Reset Software?

Password Resetter is available from and is available as an instant download. The program is currently on a discount at $29.99 and comes with a 60 day guarantee. This password resetter tool is highly recommended if you have forgotten your password as its one of the most reliable and easy to use ways to restore the password.

You can get the password resetter program from this link >>

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