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Steps To Boost The Load-Time Of YouTube Videos & Stop “Buffering”

YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the Internet, with millions of people watching thousands of videos every day on it. However, if you’re trying to view videos on this service, there is nothing more annoying than having the videos take a long time to load up or to keep on “buffering” part way through the video.

Fortunately, there’s a very simple way to boost the load speed of YouTube videos, which even a beginner can do. The problem is easily fixed thanks to a series of simple steps which are right here:

What Causes YouTube Videos To Load Slow?

YouTube videos that load up slowly can be caused by a series of different problems. The main issues are the popularity of the video (how well YouTube can handle its service), the length of the video, your Internet connection and your PC in general.

You must understand that even though many of you reading this page will have fast broadband connections, YouTube videos are still very large files and downloading them isn’t an easy task. If you want to make your YouTube videos load up quickly, you need to be able to get your computer to download these videos quickly and reliably.

How To Speed Up YouTube Video Loading

Step 1 – Stop Any Other Programs On Your PC

Having other programs on your system can make your Internet connection run really slowly. To fix this, you should close down any of the other programs that you might have on your system, to make sure that your computer is only focusing on loading your YouTube videos. This is vital because programs such as Skype, MSN Messenger and others can make your Internet run incredibly slowly, making your YouTube videos load slowly as well.

Step 2 – Check Your Internet Connection

Most of the time, people’s Internet connections will be running slowly, which is why they are unable to load up YouTube videos very quickly. Fortunately, you can use an Internet Speed Test to see how fast your connection is. Run this test, and if it’s anything under 1mb/sec then you should think about upgrading your connection.

Step 3 – Remove Viruses

Viruses are one of the biggest causes of issues for a Windows system, and can make your PC run extremely slowly (taking a long time to load up your YouTube videos). You can get a lot of antivirus programs (such as XoftSpySE) which you can download from the Internet. You should download one of these tools and then let it scan your system. It will remove any of the damaged or corrupted files that are on your PC, allowing Windows to run much faster, and download YouTube videos faster as well.

Step 4 – Change Browser

Having a “slow” Internet browser is also one of the main reasons why YouTube videos load slowly. You should try using a browser such as FireFox or Google Chrome to make sure that it’s running fast. You can get many fast web browsers for free, and you should avoid the likes of Internet Explorer and Safari for this reason.

Step 5 – Clean The Registry

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The ‘registry’ is the central database for Windows, and is where your computer keeps its settings and options. Whenever your PC wants to download a file or visit an Internet site, it has to load up a series of different settings to help it do that. And unfortunately, it’s the case that a lot of these settings become damaged and corrupted, leading Windows to run slower and with a lot of errors. This is the hidden cause of many slow YouTube video problems, and is actually quite easy to fix. To fix this issue, you should first download a registry cleaner from the Internet and then install it on your PC. This will then scan through all the files your computer has, and will fix all the errors that could be slowing it down. You can download our recommended registry cleaner here and use it to speed up your YouTube video loading immediately:

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