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The Best Way To Remove Antivirus Centre

Antivirus Centre is what’s known as a Fake Anti-virus infection, otherwise known as a “malware” (malicious software) program. The way this virus works is by secretly downloading files onto your computer and then to block general computer processes sent by the CPU. Once the virus has successfully blocked all computer processes which allow you to do simple things, such as access the Internet or play on games. The next thing you will notice is that the actual Antivirus Centre program will suddenly appear and then start scanning your system alerting you that your computer is infected, which total rubbish and fake.

How Do You Catch The Antivirus Centre Virus

These types viruses are usually from Eastern Europe, Asia or the Middle East and are developed by professional hackers. Once the hackers have finished creating the program they will then send out the infection via spam email, infected websites or suspicious programs. One method that’s becoming common now is attaching the virus to various Google images.

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