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UserInit.exe Errors Fix Tutorial – How To Repair UserInit.exe Errors On Your PC


UserInit.exe is a Windows application that manages the startup sequence configured in the system.  This application is a key process in Windows systems and starts working in the boot-up portion for the stable and secure running of your PC.  This file is a system process that Windows needs for your system to function properly.  The file causes errors as a result of it being damaged or misplaced which then leads to Windows being unable to read it correctly.  This tutorial will enable you to repair userinit.exe errors on your PC.

What Causes UserInit.exe Errors?

The error message that appear on your screen typically look like this:

  • “USERINIT.EXE (5.2.3790.77) caused a fault in module NTDLL.DLL at 0x0003C188”

UserInit.exe errors typically occur in your system as a result of the file not working properly from either being damaged or missing in your system.  The common causes for the file to malfunction are settings that become damaged, rogue programs using processes with the same name and registry errors.  You need to repair the problems to be able to do away with the frustrating error messages – which can be performed using the steps outlined below:

How To Fix The UserInit.exe Error On Your PC

Step 1 – Update Windows To Make Sure That UserInit.exe Can Be Updated

The userinit.exe file is a legitimate Windows component and can be repaired when you update Windows.  Getting the latest fixes and updates from Microsoft can resolve plenty of issues including userinit.exe errors.  To update your Windows version, click Start> All Programs> Windows Update and follow the update wizard.  You need to restart your PC when prompted.

The update process should fix the userinit.exe file and should have prevented the error messages from appearing again.  However, if the error is caused by something else, proceed to the next step.

Step 2  – Clean Out Any Viruses From Your System

The file has been targeted by rogue software manufacturers because of its significance in the system.  The file has been associated with plenty of malware and they are known to infect the system with a similarly named userinit.exe file confusing the system.  Viruses are usually the root cause of exe errors and they need to be cleaned out from your system.

To clean out viruses from your PC, you need to use powerful “anti-malware” programs such as “XoftSpy” that can accurately detect viruses and effectively delete all parts of the virus.  This should ensure that your system is safe from viruses and can prevent the error messages from appearing again.  However, if you still encounter the error messages, you need to proceed to the next step.

Step 3 – Clean Out The Registry

The “registry” is a potential source of userinit.exe errors with file settings becoming damaged or corrupted.  Windows registry is a large database for all files and programs settings that are read by the operating system to load them properly.  Due to the way Windows saves the registry keys, they can become corrupted or damaged causing error messages to appear and slow down the system.  You need to fix the errors in the registry by using a reliable registry cleaner which can thoroughly scan your system and resolve registry issues.

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