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How To Fix Runtime Error 216

Runtime Error 216

The Runtime 216 error is very common error which affects Windows computers. This is a problem for a variety of different systems, but is one which is actually very easy to fix. Many people find this error to be quite annoying, as it does not say exactly what the problem is… and so if you’re able to understand what’s causing this problem, you should be able to fix it very easily.

What Is The Runtime 216 Error?

The Runtime 216 error is a message that appears when you try and load up a Windows application. The error is almost always caused by the SubSeven Trojan virus and can be fixed by using an antivirus program to remove the infection from your PC.

How To Fix The Runtime 216 Error

Step 1 – Install MalwareBytes Free Antivirus

Download MalwareBytes here

Malwarebytes is a free antivirus program which is very good at removing Trojan horse viruses (which is what the Runtime 216 error is caused by). You can download this program and then let it run on your PC. It should find a series of errors and infections which are on your system, and will remove them for you. Although this is a free tool, MalwareBytes is still very effective at removing the Trojan that’s responsible for the Runtime 216 error.

A note here is that you may wish to upgrade this antivirus to the paid version OR use another professional antivirus program. Free antivirus tools are not updated or reliable as many of their premium counterparts and in order to make sure that you’re able to keep your system running smoothly, you should look at using the likes of XoftSpySE or others.

Step 2 – Install The XoftSpySE AntiSpyware Tool

Download XoftSpySE here

This tool is an “anti spyare” tool, which is responsible for cleaning out any of the infections that many of the antivirus programs do not touch. Not many people realize this, but antivirus programs and antispyware tool are totally different & do different jobs. Viruses are infections such as the “Trojan” which damage your PC, whilst spyware infections basically “spy” on what you’re doing on your system. Both are extremely dangerous and in order to make sure the Runtime 216 error disappears, you need to ensure that you have removed both viruses and spyware from your PC.

Step 3 – Clean The Registry With A Registry Cleaner

Download This Registry Cleaner

The registry is a database which Windows uses to store all sorts of information and settings for your PC. Everything from your desktop wallpaper to your Internet favorites are kept inside this database, making it one of the most important and frequently used parts of Windows. Unfortunately, the registry is also the cause of many runtime errors and is one of the contributing factors to the Runtime 216 error as well. You should fix this error by using the registry cleaner we recommend below:

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