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How To Resolve STOP 0x00000041 Errors – Blue Screen Fix

STOP 0x00000041 Errors can be caused by a range of physical and logical factors. The two main causes of the problem include inaccessibility of data and an unmountable hard drive. If the computer experiences these issues, then the stop 0x00000041 error message will appear as a result. Common indications of this error include the following messages:

  • STOP 0x00000041 MUST_SUCCEED_POOL_EMPTY (0x1000, 0x440, 0x2E, 0x1)
  • The size of the request that could not be satisfied (0x1000)
  • The number of pages used of NonPaged pool (0x440)
  • The number of > PAGE_SIZE requests from nonpaged pool (0x2E)
  • The number of pages available (0x1)

What Causes The 0x00000041 Error?

The main cause of the error is a poor memory leak with netbios.sys. The netbios.sys is a type of system file in Windows that is used in the execution and interpretation of specified network control blocks. The error will usually come up when you attempt to access a program that processes NetBIOS functions. When the program runs for a long time, the system may freeze or will simply just stop responding. There are several things we can attempt in order to neutralize this error, detailed in the text below.

How to Fix Error 0x00000041

Step 1 – Download Microsoft HotFix

One of the best ways to solve the problem is to download the Microsoft Hotfix application. This is a program that has been specifically designed to address problems such as the stop 0x00000041 error. The hotfix needs to be downloaded and installed into the system for it to work. The Microsoft Hotfix can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft website.

  • Go to this link
  • Search for the Microsoft Hotfix and then download the provided file.
  • Follow instructions on the website and make sure to complete them accordingly.

Improper installation of the product can only lead to more problems occuring. It’s also important to note that before hotfix can be installed into the computer system, there should be a Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (SP4) installed in the computer. Without this, it will be impossible to properly install the program. The computer should also be restarted when the program is downloaded.

Step 2 – Update Windows

Another way to solve the problem is to update Windows. This will make sure that the system will be able to cope up with the demands of NetBIOS file and the programs that use it. To update your Windows version, go to Start>All Programs>Windows Update. Download all the necessary upgrades and install them properly.

Step 3 – Restart Windows

Often, once you have updated Windows, if you then restart the computer you will find that the Stop 0x00000041 error will have disappeared.

Step 4 – Clean Out The Registry

If the problem is still showing up after the above steps, then the last resort is to fix the registry database. This is one of the most important parts of your computer, where all of the settings for your programs are held by Windows. Every time you try to open a file or start an application, Windows will need to read the settings in the registry to be able to open them. The problem is that the registry is easily damaged because of the regular use it undergoes, and once this happens you will find that many errors appear, such as this troublesome Stop 0x00000041 error that is occurring now. The registry is not that easy to fix however, and so you will need to use a registry cleaner program to do it for you.

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