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3 Best Ways to Find Duplicate Photos

Find duplicate photos

There are many ways to make your computer work faster, better, and make it more organized. One of them is deleting duplicate photos. This will help you free up a lot of disk space, organize your photo collection and even speed up hard drive access. Here are 3 best ways to find duplicate photos.

1. Make sure your photos are synchronized

Prevention is always better than having to deal with the problem. Preventing duplicate photos is easier then looking for them when you have hundreds of copies on your computer, camera SD card and other media. Syncing your photos in a proper way will help you avoid creating duplicates. The best way to sync your photos is to use special synchronization software or at least keep your photo collection as organized as possible. Delete low quality photos from your memory card straight away and don’t copy them to your computer. This will allow you to only transfer the photos that you really want to keep.

2.  Use a duplicate finder

The easiest way to find duplicate photos and delete them is to use a duplicate finder – a special piece of software that scans your computer for duplicates. The software compares your files and photos based on a number of criteria, such as name, date, and size. If any matches are found, they are displayed in the scan report. You can then review the report and delete the files you don’t need.

Some good duplicate file finders allow you to filter duplicates based on file type, which allows you to easily sort through your photos. And there is often a preview feature that lets you view your photos and make sure that they really are duplicates.

3. Use a professional duplicate photo finder

Sometimes the problem is that your photos are not identical copies. This problem is unique to photos because we tend to take several shots of the same subject, configure exposure and other settings differently, and resize our photos for posting them on Facebook. Deleting duplicate photos like that is very difficult, as you basically have to compare your photos manually and decide which to delete. An ordinary duplicate finder won’t be able to help because it will see duplicate photos as different files. The solution is to use a special program that is specifically made to compare photos and detect duplicates.

Duplicate Photo Finder is a program that has been developed in such a way, that it can compare your photos just like you would. It will detect poor quality images, resized photos, lens flares on photos and so on, and it will offer you to keep only the best images from the series. This will make finding duplicate photos a breeze and let you keep your collection organized and your computer fast.

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